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Pennyworth: The Origin of Batman’s Butler

Pennyworth – Season 3 teaser and its well-defined new subtitle

For it’s third run, the show’s title really spells it out.  Pennyworth, the show following the early life of Batman’s butler Alfred has been granted a really specific subtitle for season 3. Just to make it absolutely clear, the show is now Pennyworth: The Origin of Batman’s Butler. No, really, check out the press release … >

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I Am Groot arrives on Disney+ and it is lots of fun

Baby Groot arrives with his own series of shorts… and we loved them!  Of all the characters in The Guardians of the Galaxy, the taciturn Groot might seem the most unlikely to land his own solo series. However, as he’s been granted a series of shorts with the accent on fun (and just a little … >

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The Orville – Seth MacFarlane would love to do a season 4

With all of New Horizons now released, Seth McFarlane talks about the future of The Orville.  It was a protracted, network-hopping, Covid-delayed journey, but The Orville’s third season has finally all been released. Dubbed The Orville: New Horizons at its new home on US streamer Hulu, the show is now available on Disney+ too. That’s … >

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UKTV Alibi’s Annika is recommissioned

Nicola Walker returns to solve crime in the waterways of Scotland in Annika series 2. UKTV’s Alibi channel, in conjunction with partners US broadcaster Masterpiece and All3Media International, have recommissioned Annika. It’s no surprise however, as the first series became their all-time  top performer. The crime drama comes from Nick Walker, based on his BBC … >

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Community the Movie – lots of optimistic noises from the cast

More positive noises from the cast as Yvette Nicole Brown says it’s “a matter of logistics”.  It’s been a while since we’ve spotted anything on the subject of Community…  until this week. The seminal sitcom about a group of mis-matched students at a Community College landed on NBC back in 2009. However, it enjoyed a … >

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House of the Dragon

House of the Dragon: George R. R. Martin sets up the show

The creator of Westeros sets up the runners and riders in the race to succeed King Viserys.  With House of the Dragon imminent, it’s time for viewers to return to Westeros. However, while the Targaryen dynasty were all but a spent force at the beginning of Game of Thrones, the new show finds them at … >

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The Sandman: ambitious plans to adapt the entire comic book series

Speaking at the series premiere, The Sandman‘s showrunner outlined their aspirations “… If enough viewers show up.”  With the highly anticipated adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s acclaimed comic book series The Sandman landing on Netflix today, showrunner Allan Heinberg has outlined some pretty big plans. Speaking to NME at the show’s premiere, he suggests they’d like … >

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Doctor Who: Classic Doctors New Monsters Volume 3 audio review

Welcome to Classic Doctors New Monsters 3: The Stuff of Nightmares.  “There are some corners of the universe which have bred the most terrible things! Things which act against everything we believe in. They must be fought!” So said the Second Doctor. While his monstrous foes often only make a single onscreen appearance, we often … >

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