10 Best Sources for Homework Help

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Students receive laptops and tablets preloaded with their reference material for the whole schoolyear.

These preloaded lecture notes and books are alright for classroom discussion but nothing more.

The students are still expected to do additional research, using other sources when responding to homework or research questions.

This is the time when homework helper websites can be most useful.

Homework help websites help the student learn how to scrutinize the real information sources from the fake or questionable sites.

This article will list the top 10 best sources for “do my homework for me” requests. These suggestions are not based on any criteria other than the reliability of the information coming out of the website.

The Local Library

Often the most overlooked source of reliable information. The school library is the immediate source of research material that can be considered reliable because the school librarians make sure to stock only the most recent and accomplished sources of academic material for the students. However, the source of material in a school library is limited. The much bigger local library usually picks up the slack left by the school library. Here, the student will have the local librarians help in searching for relevant material either through actual books or the library database. The beauty of doing research in a library is that all of the information available is considered reliable and authoritative, thus negating the need to research confirmatory information as one would with online information sources.

Homework Spot

Since this reference site is divided into grade levels, students shall find it easier to use the website since their searches will return information relevant to their grade level. Grades K-12 students do not have to worry about paying a fee because the site offers the services without any usage charges.

Kid Info

Grade school and high school students will find this interactive website highly useful. Since the site was developed by a former teacher, the website was designed for ease of access to information, through the use of a search engine, subject divided reference sources, and click on topics. Since the website includes video sources, Power Point presentation for kids, and fun sites, expect the young learner to get lost for hours on end in the portals of this website.

Fact Monster: Homework Center by Pearson

Created by Pearson subsidiary Information Please, this website presents its archived information on subjects, reference sources, and tools format. This is the perfect website for a student just kicking off his first research project. The site contains information about proper paper formatting, citation creation, and other research paper relevant information. The website has an extensive historical, scientific, and social information listing. All that is required is the click of a link.

Education World: Study Skills and Homework Help

While this website is primarily used by educators, students and parents can get a tremendous amount of help from the site as well. It offers the parents and students a chance to verify the truthfulness of a homework help website through its reviews and related articles.

While the previously listed websites cater mostly to the grades K-12 students, that doesn’t mean that only early education students require homework help online. College students are the ones who are most in need of online homework help. There are several go-to websites for these college students that will be listed here. Bear in mind though; the list will only contain the websites deemed to be reliable and accurate in information as college homework help sites tend to veer into a questionable nature at times.


While this website is frown upon by a majority of educators, the reason that this site works well as research starting off point is that it offers a clear introduction to the research topic. After that, the links to other sources of information are listed at the bottom of the page. This allows the reader to click on more reliable links to newspaper articles or journals, thus creating a reliable jumping off point for any research topic.


Students who hate having to read through books or unimaginative websites will find themselves thoroughly informed by the Power Point presentation that is the default presentation for the information from this page. While not really a highly reliable informative tool as it is deemed to be similar to Wikipedia at times, it still makes for a good introduction to the homework topic assigned.


This online library is similar to Slideshare in concept but more authoritative in nature. The authorship of the information published on this site is easily identifiable, thus making it somewhat of a reliable library online.


If you would like to use an online encyclopedia that is considered far more reliable than Wikipedia, then answers.com is the website for you. It is best for students who are still collating early information about their assigned topic, setting the researcher off in the right direction without having to read actual books related to the research.


Being a website run by the US Food and Drug Administration, the factual information from this site is beyond reproach. Medication information from this website will certainly be useful to students of Science and Medicine but would be of little help to a student enrolled in the arts and liberal studies.

Based on the suggested site in this listing, it should not be too difficult for students of early and advanced levels alike to find the specific website that can help the student complete his homework requirements. These websites are the most reliable in terms of information qualifications and usefulness. While these websites are an excellent source of information, it is important to realize that not all information should be taken from the internet, regardless of the ease of access to information. Actually reading a book from cover to cover will give the student a more developed sense of research and information accuracy.