5 Romantic movies for St. Valentines Day

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An ancient legend, a story created by marketers, another unremarkable day, or a real holiday – everyone has their own way of dealing with Valentine’s Day. Some people are staying skeptical and prefer spending this time in the company of their thirty cats, some are bored to face it being lonely each year. And some people conquering online dating sites. Horses for courses, but it seems that February 14 is an additional reason to confess your love, spend time chatting, dating online, and watch a good movie. And remind yourself that you don’t really need a reason for all this. Here is a shortlist of suitable movies to watch on this magical evening. You may have seen some of them already, but they are too cool to be forgotten. So we say, “watch, watch, watch them again!”

– Just Like Heaven (2005)

After moving into a rented apartment in San Francisco and starting to put things in order there, David unexpectedly meets an attractive young woman, Elizabeth, in his new home, who assures him that she is the owner of these apartments. When David begins to be inclined to think that there was some kind of misunderstanding, Elizabeth disappears as suddenly and mysteriously as she appeared. Replacing the locks does not stop the beauty: her mysterious appearances and disappearances continue to bring confusion to David’s life. Convinced that she is a ghost, David tries to help her stay forever in the other world.

– Fifty Shades Darker (2015)

The erotic, romantic drama is a book adaptation of the same name by the famous British writer E.L. James. The sequel to the acclaimed film tells the love story of a girl named Anastacia “Ann” Still. The main character graduates from college in Seattle and agrees to replace her friend at work, which leads her to a fateful acquaintance with a charming young millionaire named Christian Gray. A modest young girl has interested a rich heartthrob in something. Their connection quickly develops into a whirlwind romance, at the beginning of which the man offers to sign a strange non-disclosure agreement on the details of their relationship. The naive and in love heroine, who is also driven by curiosity, agrees. And only then she finds out that the love addictions of her man are very specific.

– A star is born ( 2018)

Country musician Jackson Maine, whose career is rapidly going downhill, once meets an unknown talented singer Ellie. A passionate romance breaks out between the heroes. Jack helps Ellie succeed. But the more rapidly Ellie’s musical career is gaining momentum, the more difficult it is for him to put up with his fading fame.

– Portrait of a Lady on Fire ( 2019)

The action will unfold in France in 1770 around the young artist Marianne, who comes to a luxurious mansion on the island to paint a portrait of the daughter of the house’s mistress, Heloise. The girl is about to marry a rich man from Milan, and they plan to send this picture to the groom. However, Eloise refuses to pose for the artist because she doesn’t want this wedding at all, so Marianne is introduced to her as a companion for walks. Spending all her free time next to the girl, Marianne tries to paint her portrait from memory, gradually becoming imbued with Eloise’s tragic fate and beginning to experience romantic feelings for her.

– The photograph (2020)

Michael Block, a young journalist from New York, travels to Louisiana to collect material for an article about the recently deceased Christine Eames, a world-famous photographer. He meets with her ex-husband Isaac Jefferson, who tells the truth about their failed marriage. Soon, the guy meets May Morton, the daughter of a deceased woman, who decided to organize an exhibition of photographs of her mother in her art gallery. An ordinary interview develops into a full-fledged date, which becomes the beginning of a passionate, but at the same time, difficult relationship.

Valentine’s Day isn’t a holiday to bear it alone. So if you don’t have your best half yet and time is the essence, we advise giving a shot to online dating. These movies aren’t created to watch them in loneness, well, probably except Fifty Shades, perhaps… It is rife with consequences to watch it with a girl you just have met and started building a relationship online. Well, until you’re sure she’s into BDSM. J

You can prepare for the most romantic party with your soulmate from Uptoflirt. Take a good mood, some snacks, and a paired bottle of something. Pleasant movie evening and the bright impression you will remember for a long time.