7 Ways To Cope With Stress Through Pop Culture

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Stress is among the greatest psychological triggers of physiological changes in the human body. The many leading factors of stress are similar across cultures. Some include unemployment, traumatic events and societal perspective on such things as sexual orientation. What people make out of such events differ among individuals, but they all seem to cause low self-esteem, obesity and health issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

According to the American Psychological Association, stress levels are on the rise during this modern culture. This upsurge is largely attributable to the modern day cravings for wealth, where happiness is linked to earthly possessions like cars, houses and real estate to mention a few. Stress can also be blamed on such things as social media, movies, and reality shows, but these things are here to stay. It’s, therefore, imperative that people find ways to cope with stress through pop culture as explained below.

Going Outdoors

In these modern times, TVs, video games and social media can persuade someone to camp indoors for days on end. While it’s fair to say that not everybody is an outdoor enthusiast, people don’t need to go camping or hiking through a rainforest to experience the health benefits of being in nature. Instead, they can walk their dog or work in the garden. A recent study found that people, who reside in urban spaces but frequent green areas such as parks are healthier both physically and mentally. Thus, coping with the modern day stress requires people to get outside frequently and breathe in the fresh air regardless of where they live.

Have Responsible Sex

In a healthy relationship, sex can be an amazing stress reliever. It incorporates steady breathing, increased heartbeat, social connection, and touch. It also triggers the rush of endorphins thus the subjects are visibly happy. Research reveals that people who had sex for 14 days consecutively ended up with better intellectual function in their hippocampus than those who didn’t. It’s, however, important to note that sporadic sex increases the stress hormone.

Being Appreciative

With new gadgets, clothes, shoes, and vehicles being introduced into the market every day, it’s not unusual to find people yearning for the latest models. Life can be very stressful for those who can’t afford to buy every new thing. However, by regularly counting their blessings, people can focus on appreciating what they already have. This reduces the stress associated with wishing they had things that they cannot afford. Ideally, individuals should write down everything they are grateful for, and take a few moments to examine the list whenever they feel stressed.

Listening to Music

Research shows that music can have profound effects on a person’s mood. It helps people to cope with grief and can be a cheap treatment option for depression. There is, however, a catch; to wring the positive effects of music, people shouldn’t listen to it passively. Instead, they should listen to it with the explicit purpose of relaxation.

Using Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy taps into the healing power of scents derived from plant extracts known as essential oils. These scents can evoke emotions and calm the mind by inducing a feeling of relaxation. The plant extracts can be mixed with water and diffused into the air using an essential oils diffuser which works like a charm for someone with stress. They can also be rubbed gently on acupressure sections of the body. Specific essential oils that are known to relieve stress include lavender, ylang-ylang, and clary sage. Aromatherapy is an ideal way of unwinding after a long day at work.

Concentrated Breathing

While it’s may appear too simple, concentrated breathing is an effective stress relieving technique. It also offers people a moment to regroup and meditate, which provides nearly immediate stress relief. Owing to flight or fight response, the mind runs erratically and breathing increases.  Practicing concentrated breathing helps people to calm down and brings them back to the state of tranquility. It also oxygenates the blood and induces a feeling of calmness into the sympathetic nervous system.

Making Wise Comparisons

People should avoid the habit of comparing themselves with others. For instance, they ought to refrain from assuming that others have exciting and better lives than themselves. The photos and videos users post on Facebook and Instagram may induce a feeling of deprivation if someone makes unhealthy comparisons. Avoiding social media is impractical thus it would help if people began comparing themselves with those who aren’t doing too well. This encourages individuals to appreciate the fine things in their lives. It also helps to compare one’s current state with past times when things weren’t going so well and thus be appreciative.

Stress is unavoidable in this modern world. There are always bills to pay, high societal expectations to meet, relationship issues to overcome and not to mention the bad economy. One can, however, employ the above strategies to manage stress. From having a healthy sexual relationship, utilizing aromatherapy and being appreciative of the little one has, these strategies can make the difference between sinking and swimming.