Celebrity poker players you should know

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The world of high-stakes poker is glamorous enough, as the most successful players make a lot of money at the tables. Some of those who gamble over the Internet do it simply for entertainment, while others put their skills to the test in a competitive environment. Actors and celebrities have frequently entered this challenging world, making it even more exciting through their mere presence.

Gabe Kaplan

The High-Stakes Poker show was for years the most popular TV show dedicated to the beautiful game. People still watch it online to see some of the best players in the world compete for the big bucks. Gabe Kaplan was rarely seen at the table, but his commentating skills and immense poker experience made the show more enjoyable. Gabe was made famous by the Welcome Back Kotter show in the 70s, but over the years, he emerged as an accomplished poker player.

Looking back at Mr. Kaplan’s performances, it is worth mentioning his deep runs at the SPOB, including a memorable victory in 1980. Gabe’s sense of humor and keen eye for details are usually enough to turn any poker table into an impromptu show. His poker skills are just as high and he finished third at the World Poker Tour in 2004 in a no-limit Texas Hold ‘Em tournament.

James Woods

Actor James Woods is known for three things: his strong acting skills, his high IQ and his ability to play poker at the highest level. He has an impressive track record that includes more than 200 tournaments and made frequent appearances in the WSOP tournament and the World Series of Poker Circuit. Woods often won five digit amounts and even though his lifetime live poker earnings barely exceed $300,000, he remains one of the best actors playing poker.

Teddy Sheringham

English football fans who love sports betting fondly remember Teddy Sheringham, one of the biggest names in this popular sport. Since he retired, Teddy chose to spend more time playing poker and he was very active at London poker tables. You can find more about Teddy and his betting here. The biggest prize won by Sheringham exceeds $100,000 and it was won on one of the stops of the European Poker Tour. He was mildly successful on the other side of the Atlantic, having played in the World Series of Poker, including the main event.

Tobey Maguire

Daniel Negreanu taught Tobey Maguire how to play poker and the results speak for themselves. The actor has played many important tournaments and even won the Phil Hellmuth Invitational No-Limit Texas Hold ‘Em event. He is also known for playing high-stakes poker private games where seven digit amounts were wagered in one hand. When the news about these games finally broke out some of those organizing them found themselves in legal trouble. The story is told in the Molly’s Game movie, nominated for the prestigious Academy Award in 2018.