Fascinating facts about the Tomb Raider movies!

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If you are anything like me, just the mention of Tomb Raider and Lara Croft will invoke memories off decades passed, the iconic computer game, and of course, the much-adored Lara Croft. As the years have gone on, little has happened to diminish the iconic status of the game and it is still considered something of a cult with a mass of adoring fans that still enjoy watching and playing the franchise.

But it’s not just video games, films, and comics that give you the opportunity to enter the mysterious world of Ms Croft, now you can even play Tomb Raider slot games at popular online casinos. These games offer you the double whammy of enjoying the theme and the storyline, as well as having the chance to win some very real cash prizes. To see what I am talking about, you can check out this Tomb raider game review here! Then, as soon as you have done that, read on to find out some really fascinating facts about your favourite character and franchise.

  1. The game Tomb Raider was originally a bit of an Indiana Jones rip-off. Lara was supposed to be called Laura Cruz and was meant to be South American with slightly more sociopathic tendencies than the Lara she evolved into.
  2. When the game first came out, Lara was crafted out of just 504 polygons. Now, as graphics have improved, she is made up of just over 4000 meaning she looks a lot more realistic than she once did.
  3. Ms Croft holds the World Record for the most successful and popular human video game character, ever.
  4. There was once a time when Lara was so well known and so popular that she was once more recognisable than the Pope. An online survey was created in the 90’s and she came out on top above the leader of the Catholic Church.
  5. In order to film the movies, Angelina Jolie received hands on weapons training from the UK’s elite, special forces so that it would look completely realistic in the film.
  6. Tomb Raider was the first Hollywood film to be shot in Cambodia, for over thirty years.
  7. Ms Jolie- the beauty of the decade– had yoga lessons, kickboxing lessons, and also did her own ballet bungee stunts in the film.

These are some of the most obscure facts about the Tomb Raider franchise and we hope you made a note of them for the next time you watch the film. But remember, you don’t have to watch the film to get your Tomb Raider fix, you can also play the online video slot which offers amazing graphics and great prizes from the comfort of your own home!