How Famous Celebrities Upgrade Their Income

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For the longest time, slots have been a means to gamble in a less risky way. However, over the years, slots have undergone an evolution. With the expansion and popularity of slot games and the booming entertainment industry, many production studios and famous faces have allowed their names to be shared with one, or many slots around the world.

Game manufacturers are always looking into new ways to attract customers to their products and approaching a famous face or production house seems to do the trick. A vast variety of slots exist and many of them have the names of your favourite TV shows, movies or celebrities on them. Making these games more attractive to a wider audience. From gunslinging heroes, vigilantes, robots from the future, zombies to your favourite bands. It can all be seen on a slot machine at your local casino or on your chosen online casino.

TV and Movies

With popular streaming sites, the world and its population turn to endless entertainment at a click of a button or touch of a screen. People all over are now exposed to so many more TV shows and films than they have ever before. Therefore, making celebrities, and the shows and films they star in, even more recognisable and marketable. Game providers have gone to great lengths to theme their online pokies, the nickname given to slot and video poker games in New Zealand and Australia.

Wheel of fortune slot, based on the popular game show that started in the ‘70s, appeared on the scene over 20 years ago and paved the way for the themes slots we see today. The likes of Peaky Blinders, Gladiator, Game of Thrones, Terminator, Wizard of Oz, Friends and Narcos, just to name a few, can be seen on casino floors and inline casinos all over the world. Game developers have gone through lucrative deals with the production studios to come to an agreement that would benefit the game manufacturer, owner to the rights of the movie or show and in some cases the actors and actresses that star in these productions.

Expanding Revenue Streams

The entertainment industry is expanding its reach and deals for the rights to use imagery and themes from these productions are extremely lucrative. Though we have only mentioned TV and film, music slots are also becoming even more popular as well. With popular names like Ozzy Osbourne, Hardwell, deadmau5 and Guns N’ Roses giving their names to emblazon a slot game.

When the names go on to these games, don’t think it comes out of pure generosity. There are deals made and copyrights to protect and benefit from. The studios, producers and stars (if their faces are used to promote the games or they hold a stake in the copyrights) make bonus income from the deals made. The income generated can range anywhere between $1 million to $20 million based on reports from 2017 and numbers have been reported to climb even higher in recent days. Game manufacturers spend more than $200 million every year to get the rights to popular rights like The Dark Knight, The plant of the Apes and the Mask.

It’s More Trustworthy Nowadays

With the progression of gaming technology, it is easy to see why studios, music labels and stars are more open to sharing these rights, at a price. In some cases, deals have been made that grant the license holder f the theme and image a few dollars each day that at the end of it all, could generate millions.

Branded slots are everywhere and are fun and easy to play. You are sure to see a face, musician, Netflix series or film that you recognise and it was all done to grab your attention and become more interactive with something that you are familiar with. No entertainment studio would want their brand to come across as tacky or cheap, so you can rest assured that most, if not all, branded slots are up to date with the best odds and graphics. Finally, these games are sure to keep you entertained and feel like you are a part of something bigger, something that you might have previously enjoyed in your home, with friends, family or even in the car on your way to work.