How popular films and TV-shows influence personal lives

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Although we all have favourite leisure pursuits that define our individuality, certain interests are universal, capable of providing the common ground that will bring people together. If you’re single and in the habit of seeking out prospective partners on dating sites, this sense of discovering kindred spirits is a prime motivation. It might be the case that you have a particular hobby that might be considered niche – say potholing, kayaking, or collecting vintage soccer programs. The chances are it would take you some time to come across someone compatible. But when it comes to watching movies or enjoying TV box-sets, activities that have a universal appeal, you’ll find it so much easier to break the ice when chatting online. So why should popular films and TV shows have such potency when it comes to influencing personal lives and romantic attachments?


-Favorite films can motivate you


One of the most popular of all date night activities is cozying on a couch in front of a TV screen, refreshments to hand. There’s even dating slang – Netflix and chill – which refers to the type of entertainment any couple can have after they’ve finished watching their favorite movie. Romcoms can light the touch paper, the amorous nature of the audience members suitably fired up by, say, that famous Meg Ryan orgasm scene from When Harry Met Sally. Now they’ll be more than ready to emulate those passionate clinches.


-Find your like-minded person online


Online dating presents an excellent opportunity to track down suitable candidates for romance. Where else can you come across such a diverse range of prospective partners, each of whom has signed up and provided their contact details? If you’re looking for someone to share your love of movies and hit TV shows, all you have to do is start browsing through the profiles that other site users have uploaded, keeping an eye out for those individuals who seem most compatible.


Users of askme4date share the list of the best films and TV-shows for a perfect date. There are a great many to choose from, and many people will be aware of the concept of ‘Netflix Block,’ when scrolling through an unlimited choice of film titles leads to nothing but indecision and debate. But if you can track down someone who shares your tastes, you should be able to break the ice relatively easily. To assist you with the task of whittling down the pool of choice, we’ve narrowed this down to a top three (in no certain order) that will provide you with an idea of the cross-section of entertainment available – literally at your fingertips. (Or at least, within a few buttons of your remote control).


-Top 3 movies and TV-shows that can motivate you for the first date


You’ve Got Mail (1998)


Tapping into the chemistry between lead characters Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks that was so memorably established in Sleepless in Seattle (1993), You’ve Got Mail benefits from advances in technology. The romance in the former movie was kindled over radio phone-ins and phone calls, but the latter benefits from the advent of online dating (the first commercial site being launched in 1995, pretty much right between these two movies!) Here, Meg plays Kathleen, a journalist who is fond of championing the underdog. She also runs an independent bookstore. Tom is Joe Fox, of the Fox Books dynasty, whose chain of bookshops is far more likely to bulldoze smaller fry out of the way. Both live in New York’s fashionable Upper West Side of Manhattan but meet online. Cue sparks, of tension, and romance.


EuroTrip (2004)


Somewhat less subtle than the previous film, this is a much bawdier affair, centered on American teenagers heading off to Europe for an adventurous holiday post-graduation. The group gets involved in various fraught situations, not least when they arrive in Amsterdam and one of them falls victim to a robber whilst in the act of receiving oral sex! This unguarded moment of passion leads to everyone’s money, train tickets, and passports vanishing in a blink. Language mistranslations result in an attempt to hitchhike to Germany leading them to Slovakia. Just when it seems as if their trip couldn’t get any worse, they cross paths with Manchester United football hooligans.


Must Love Dogs (2005)


Based on a novel of the same name, long-standing rom-com staple John Cusack plays Jake, who is searching for a partner, but only in a half-hearted way. He seems to be more interested in creating handcrafted books. When Sarah (Diane Lane) posts a dating profile description that she is ‘voluptuous’ and her dates ‘must love dogs’, this message leads to all sorts of chaotic but hilarious situations unfolding. This movie is an excellent example of how virtual dating has been embraced by scriptwriters.