How to Start a College Application Essay

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Truth about Applying to College

Most of us know of a few common, wicked connotations that surround applying to college. Some people say that applying to join a college is the hardest thing for a senior student. Yet, applying for college is a cool thing. Applying for college has become a show off thing. it is also a way of avoiding rude remarks from colleagues for being full of yourself.  Students can pick the topic to write about in the personal essay for college application. Thus, there is no reason to shy from writing this essay. It is also rewarding experience for any high schooler. Thus, if you can write Skittles, you are good to go. It is good to have realistic expectations. it is more exciting to dream big by applying to colleges even when they seem to be out of “reach.”

College Essay Structure

Experts from said that the format of a college essay is the most exciting thing you will come across. Thus, it is important to know how to write an essay for college. The reason is that this essay has no rigid rules on formatting. Yet, you only need to follow a “basic formula” but you are free to tell a story in the way you deem fit. Most writers would opt to use a traditional format. You only need to be ready to start your essay from somewhere. A college essay should be on something that has shaped your life. Include what you need the admission counselor to know about you. The resume you presented may have impressed the counselor. Thus, this is a huge chance for you to ensure that the admission officials want you more. The application essay should impress the officials on your absence at the college. This is the only chance you have to help the counselor know you. more. The officials can use the essay to envision how you will help the college if you get that chance to join them. Thus, when writing a college essay, use a simple format and a clear voice.


Take Your Essay from Meh to Amazing

AnalyzeYour Prompt

Use about three minutes to think through your prompt. Try to use phrases to divide your prompt and analyze each aspect. After this, take time off your prompt and come back to it when you have new ideas. This step does not discredit your schedule. In turn, it supplements it and helps save time in the long-run. In the case, you feel that you misread your prompt, start the writing process afresh.

Organize Your Writing

Organizing your writing takes time and saves time at the same time can save a lot of frustration and stress. It helps save you future rewrites. When you are ready, sit down and brainstorm anecdotes and then produce a rough outline. This should include the length of your paragraphs needs and set or focus on word count limit. When you are though with other steps, decide when to write each paragraph.

Show Rather Than Telling

This type of essay does not offer much space for analysis and self-reflection. in your application essay, write about your perspectives. This is what the counsellors are more interested with and not events. The college essay has to be good essay as officers do not know you in person. They can need and want to know you more through your initial introduction. Thus, show them who you are using strong examples. Let the officers envision you examples and experience the circumstances alone with you.

 Know Your Vocabulary

When writing an application essay, a student should use college-level vocabulary. Thus, as a student, you have to write an essay that reflects a high-level of command of language. Avoid common mistakes evident when a writer uses advanced vocabulary. Also, avoid misusing synonyms. Ensure that you are sure of words that you use even if you pick them from a thesaurus. For example, look for examples of where the same words in a sentence and see how you can use them in your case.

Don’t be interesting. Be interested

You do not stop at being interesting; the application essay should interest you too. you should ensure this by writing an application essay that beats this fallacy by ensuring it interest you too. Write a short essay using a few words that interest you. Do not talk too much about yourself. Do not talk about yourself without including anything about the school or college. Taking about yourself alone means that you are being interesting rather than interested.


In conclusion, it should be interesting for students applying for college. Writing a college essay is difficult as many people think. With the little knowledge you have gained from school, you can plan and write a good thesis. Also, you can try to find free essay samples. Student should remember to analyze prompt well and organize their work. They should also show their story rather than retelling and use high-level vocabulary.