How to Turn Your Living Room into a Movie Theatre

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Today’s modern way of life is completely different than the one that existed half a century ago. People lead much faster lives, and the cost of living has certainly gone up due to subsequent changes. Still, some things have remained the same, as people’s passion for movies and TV shows.

Technological advances in recent years have managed to modernize all spheres of human life. Sifting through Do Supply Inc.’s list of offerings shows you how much the industrial sector has benefited, but it may also cause you to wonder if our homes could use a few tech gadgets to their advantage. Sure, security systems are an evident benefit, but smart tech that turns your living room into a movie theatre is ultimately much more rewarding for the senses. Nowadays, there are many smart tech solutions you can incorporate into your movie-watching experience.

Remote Control

There is no denying that searching for the remote is a long and tedious process, and it can often last longer than the movie itself. This, in turn is quite harmful to the whole experience, often causing you to lose the will to finish the whole motion picture. The ultimate solution to this problem is a universal remote, but not just any – one that connects wirelessly to your smartphone. This way, you are able to find one or the other in times of need, and even pause the movie for a popcorn refill if necessary.

TV Selection

Another main issue stopping your living room from looking like a theatre is the lack of content. Contemporary productions have made available all kinds of movies, TV shows, video games, streaming services and much more, providing vast arrays of content that can fit everyone’s liking. A smart TV is the best tech solution for such issues, as it will allow you to import content, connect to an online database, or even continue using your cable provider selection. The movie theatre in your town is bound to envy you for all that is at your eyes’ disposal.


Finally, we have come to the matter of lighting – something you wouldn’t normally notice, that is, until it’s blocking the view to your chosen movie. Fixing the lighting may require you to get two more smart gadgets for your home, or at least your living room, but the ultimate result will be worth the trouble.

On the one hand, you need to eliminate any extra lighting that prevents the TV screen from being completely visible. This may not seem too hard, but having to do it once you have tucked yourself under the blanket is quite challenging. Smart blinds that react to remote control apps on your smarthphone are sure to make all your lighting problems go away. But those who want to get the perfect cinematic effect are advised to leave some lights on – and dim theatre lights are just what you need. Nowadays, there are special lightstrips with an app for any mobile device that can change colours and set the mood accordingly for your enjoyment.