I’m A Celebrity 2020 Line-Up Explained For You

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People are most fond of reality shows on television. As many TV shows have entertained the audience through the years, similarly, there is one more reality show which has gained the most number of fans. I am a celebrity; the get me out of here show has gained a great fan following.


Not only that, fans wait for every new entrant in the camp to show up and entertain them more. The best part about the show is that it shows the personalities of celebrities that people have known for years.


Some can survive in these dangerous camps; however, others go back home. But there can be only one winner who will win the prize money. Here is the lineup for I am a celebrity 2020.

Ruthie Henshall

Ruthie Henshall is a musical theatre star who won an Olivier award for her contributions and theater performances. However, she will be a new entrant in the show. Hopefully, she will be able to spice things up among other contestants and survive till the end. Since it is a pandemic and theatres are shut, it is the best time to prove her worth in the show.

Jordan North

Jordan North is one of the old campmates who has proved himself repeatedly by surviving in the most challenging situations. He is a very likable and down to earth person due to which he is called ‘supply teacher’ in the BBC radio station. He has relatively good humor but let’s wait and watch if he can survive in the show.

Sir Mo Farah

The double gold medalist in Olympics for the medium and long-distance runner, this athlete is all set to bring the best entertainment in the show with his personality and survival instincts. He is quite different from other contestants because he can often be seen isolating himself to gain strength.

Since he is a champion athlete, looking at his 1 million followers on social media in Betway, it can be said that there are more chances of him winning.

Jessica Plummer

She nailed the role of abusive wife, Chantelle Atkins, and now she is all set in the game of I am a celebrity. Since she is young, playing the game can be challenging for her, but her fans do not think that way. They are adamantly following and cheering her. Although she has been a member of the Neon Jungle group, she is still scared of ants and spiders. It will be great fun to see how she will transform her fears into her strengths.

Vernon Kay

This 46-year-old TV and radio presenter is afraid of underwater, but that doesn’t mean that he lacks a competitive attitude. He is determined to survive all the trials in the castle till the end and win the show. Many of his friends have given him advice regarding survival strategies, and his fans are sure that he will live up to their expectations in “I am a celebrity, get me out of here.”