Magazine Pilot TV Will Capture Everything You Missed Out On Your Favorite TV Shows

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If you live under the impression that you are part of the golden age of cinematic TV, like numerous TV show devotees do, you certainly cannot afford not to see and read what is the latest or upcoming news in the movie houses. To make a comparison, it feels like you have made some crypto currency investments and you just cannot wait to grasp the outcome.  It doesn`t matter whether you are into thrillers, documentaries, sci-fi or dramas, this is just something you must check out because it has all kinds of big screen info you dreamed about reading.

This new magazine, named Pilot TV that just hit the shelves on the 5th of April, will quickly become a cinematic Bible because everything that is missed out about current favorite TV series will definitely be there. By this, we literally mean every single detail, since it is the ultimate guide to the best-serialized entertainment and includes nothing but the most captivating and alluring TV show moments that are happening right now.

Actually, this magazine is the first one of its kind, worldwide, and obviously, it is dedicated to the appealing world of cinematic television. The magazine`s editor-in-chief, Terry White, said that all

TV admirers will never dare not to buy it because it will bring them closer to the brilliant characters of their dearest shows. Most importantly, she claims that this magazine will help those whose palms get sweaty before they choose what to watch.

The Pilot TV preview issues some very good picks of the current TV favorites but let’s just say that the choice was definitely an overwhelming one.  Indeed, there are so many good TV shows to watch right now that even experts who know what is good are seriously confused. One of the selected on the cover itself is about the long-awaited second season sneak-peak of the TV series Luke Cage. This time, the fierce Harlem hero is gearing up to uncover even more strength than he did in season one. However, the other picks are also worth to pay a closer insight because they include tons of interviews, exclusives and good reviews that are a must read. Also, let`s not forget that this magazine would have all exclusives, on-set reports and answers to the most burning questions.

Last but not least, this cool magazine gives an essential guide to newbie shows that really matter for that particular month. Many will be enlightened by this section that will feature only the shows that are a must watch in the following four weeks.  Also, it will include first look access as the most exciting part, along with reviews, interviews and plenty more.

So movie fans, don`t let this magazine pass you. Immediately go to the closest traffic store and pick up Pilot TV because it will certainly blow your mind with the most intriguing of cinema material you could think of.