Online Gambling: Pros And Cons

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There are two things in this world which need no proper introduction – Madonna and gambling. Jokes aside, it would not even be an exaggeration to compare the iconic pop star to casino going: gambling counts a whole army of devotees, five times bigger than anything else, and attracts thousands of potential newcomers every second all over the world. Although it is actually difficult to name one solid reason as to why people adore gambling, one thing might be pretty evident to anyone: gambling stores a phenomenal amount of rewarding, capable of changing lives, starting wars and making people exceptionally rich in a matter of seconds. Being one of the oldest human activities along with crafting weapons, gambling never strikes one pose and holds it for ages – this system is always developing to obtain more sophisticated forms.

Online gambling has begun a completely new era. Throughout past ten years there have been numbers of serious changes that turned players to a different direction, and it is just scary to look back at all this made progress and realize how many technological advances have come into play. Now you do not even have to pay to enjoy mingling around casino games – it is so easy to find slots for fun only free, websites with trial accounts. Now you do not even have to become a professional to enter a casino, not to mention that even ten dollars in the pocket is actually able to make a desirable million. Well, it goes without saying that online gambling injected the whole industry with lots of positive moments, but there still remain some shortcomings to consider. So let’s discuss the main list of aspects about online gambling to draw conclusions about its essence.

Pros Of Online Gambling

At it has already been said, when it comes to gambling, it is quite hard to come up with a concrete record of advantages as there is a real ton of them. And to be as objective as it only possible let’s concentrate on most notable highlights according to the majority of players.


Online gambling is certainly:

  • More comfortable and convenient than any other form of gambling.
  • Suitable for all bankrolls and budgets.
  • Full of attractive incentives: casinos bonuses, special promotions etc.
  • Secure and private.

Factor Of Convenience

With the advent of the global Internet, gambling has come to literally ‘household’ comfort. Years ago casino goers had to book tickets to different countries, search for legitimate places, worry about commotion, but nowadays it all became an archaic history because you do not need to leave your own house to enjoy being a proper gambler. Do not even bother to get dressed, says online gambling. Just turn on a device, all the way down to a smartphone, and indulge in betting.

What’s more, you will never be worrying about getting somewhere in time – whether it is big game coming or a poker table asking to join, there will always be a room for you. Every game is at your disposal and you can choose time, place, duration…well, pretty everything.

Factor Of Budget

Online casinos do not forget to care about all types of players, that’s why wherever you go, there are no critical money limits. Venues always try to cater for all bankroll sizes: deposit minimums are set to quite moderate boundaries as well as withdrawal ones, further stakes are provided in a very wide range of options. As little as $5 could be a fine asset to get started, and if your ambitions exceed average norms, online casinos also could never be happier.

This is probably the most considerable advantage to online gambling. In comparison to land-based places where you must bring a little pot of gold along, online casinos appeal to various audience. And what is really amazing is the fact that not only slot machines appear to be so affordable. Roulettes, poker, Blackjack – here one dollar can make a difference.

Factor Of Bonuses

Another huge advantage to online gambling is rewards. A constant flow of bonuses that pour down on you. The majority of virtual venues are quite robust about inciting their customers to spend money so that the whole process comes as a pleasure rather than a necessity. Starting with lucrative welcome deals and ending with free giveaways and cashbacks, you will surely get rewarded with some extra pennies for each deposit you make. Besides, various loyalty schemes make you come back at the earliest opportunity because online casinos value long-term clients.

Factor Of Security

In spite of an overwhelming opinion that online casinos cannot be properly protected from hacking, this is actually far from the reality. Your privacy is always undeniable and stipulated by different intricate mechanisms that are hard to break through. As soon as you enter the virtual hall, everything from personal data to banking details gets thoroughly encrypted and secured.  

Cons Of Online Gambling

Apparently, online gambling is still dealing with a few negative aspects that sometimes put off lots of gamblers. On the whole, there are not so many disadvantages that come along playing online, but anyway they bring in some bumps.


Online gambling is certainly not:

  • Devoid of extra spending like transaction fees.
  • As fast as real-time gambling in terms of payouts.
  • An honest system where everyone abides by the law.

Factor Of Commissions

You could end up losing almost halves of your winning sums while going through turmoil of withdrawing. Although most gambling sites do not charge fees for making a withdrawal or a deposit, it is payment systems which might cut a formidable part of your assets. As a rule, these are not the sums to become desperate about – approximately 2% to 5% charged – but when it comes to winning big, it could be a little frustrating.

Factor Of Cashout Times

If you suddenly become a winner of a good sum and hastily go toward banking, you may be negatively surprised to learn about pending periods and withdrawal times. Online gambling still cannot manage transactions immediately – e-Wallets, of course, take less time to ‘get a package’, but other payment methods do take a lot of time. And since e-Wallets involve the biggest commission rates of all methods, you usually have to wait for a couple of weeks for your prize to finally reach you. But it really depends on the venue and its policy of withdrawals.

Factor Of Frauds

Not every operator plays responsibly and honestly. While some casinos pursue good reputation and a loyal customer audience, others choose deceitful evil ways and go all rouge. Well, but here’s some joyful news: crooks could be easily exposed if you know where to look at. In any case, do a little research on each gambling operator you want to work with.