Six TV Shows so big they have their own slot games online!

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The Generation Game looks to be making a comeback, while it was a household name in the 90’s there’s debate about whether the updated version with Mel and Sue will hit the mainstream the same way as Bruce Forsyth?

But how do we tell if a show has really made it big? Because it has several series? The ratings are really high? Or is it when the TV show gets turned into a slots game? Alright, that last one might not be the MEASURE of success but it is true that very popular shows tend to get the Slots treatment more often.

So, to prove the point, we’ve compiled a list of the some of the greatest TV shows from the 60’s to modern day, which have been reimagined as online casino games. If any catch your eye, then you’re in luck! There are plenty of sites like that are now offering free spins no deposit on these types of games, in some instances you’ll get the chance to try them for free!

  1. Wheel of Fortune – Let’s get spinnin’

Ahhh, they don’t make them like they used to. Originally a product of the USA, this was brought over to the UK in 1988 and went on to occupy a solid 10 years on primetime TV. After that it was squeezed in between programmes such as Dale’s Supermarket Sweep and Catchphrase.  We’re sure many of you will have memories of this from school sick days and binge-watching daytime TV before being spoilt with Netflix and the joys of on-demand. The overzealous spinner and jackpots were a gem and made the show oh so charming. This one comes first because it’s also the first really major TV based slot game and paved the way for the games that came after it!

This show had a fantastic run and wholly deserved a slot game built around it, in fact it has three! ‘Wheel of Fortune Extreme Spin’, ‘Wheel of Fortune on Tour’ and ‘Wheel of Fortune Ultra’.

  1. South Park – Oh my god, they killed Kenny!

In the early 90’s this off-beat American adult sitcom really hit the big time- it had a film, a lot of highly regarded console games and even a top ten hit. South Park was synonymous with innuendos and dark humour but that’s why everyone to this day still has a soft spot for it. Arguably the star of the show was the muffled expletives of Kenny and his numerous horrific deaths that took place every episode.

Now with Season 21 freshly and the producers keeping it current and fresh – we don’t think it will end any time soon! Now you can hang with the gang, play ‘South Park Reel Chaos’ and win big!

  1. The Flintstones – YABADABADOO

This is the god-father of animated TV shows. Originally aired back in 1960, it predates the likes of The Simpsons, Family Guy and every other cartoon that ‘happens’ to feature a nuclear family. Fred might have been a little bit of bully but he felt relatable; he enjoyed bowling, golf and the occasional night out with Barney… not bad for a fella in the stone age. But, did you know the Flintstones were originally named the Flagstones? However, this was already a comic strip and thankfully it was changed – we don’t think it would have had quite the same ring to it!

The ever popular ‘The Flintstones’ slot game means you can go back in time to Bedrock and play with Fred, Wilma and friends!

  1. X Factor – Your Saturday night starts here

Where do I start? Simon Cowell’s likeable bad guy, the familiar narration of Belfast born Peter Dickson and the love-to-hate Jedward twins are all key elements to X-Factors success.

Well, what we do know is that Saturday night wouldn’t be the same without this. The X Factor has been entertaining us since 2004, from the first winner and lesser known Steve Brookstein to the juggernaut sensations One Direction and Little Mix.

Want to mix with the stars? Well, test your wits on The X Factor Judges Jackpot. It won’t guarantee you a record deal but it will give you the chance to win massive jackpots!

  1. Celebrity Big Brother – George Orwell’s favourite

I don’t think even Channel 4 understood how big this show would get when it first aired in 2000. The show started with a group of 11 strangers who went in for a laugh and a social experiment but turned into stars. It was such a success that real life celebrities were queuing up for the chance to confess all sitting on the diary room chair. But, the real star was the sassy, empathetic – and always pregnant – Davina McCall.

Now it’s your chance to experience the Diary Room, the games and take home big winnings with the Celebrity Big Brother slot game.

  1. Baywatch – I’ll Be Ready

Yes, it was a little cheesy and yes, they were probably more interested in toning up and wearing skimpy clothes than saving lives but cult 90s classic, Baywatch, certainly made headlines. It catapulted stars David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson into worldwide fame – despite being cancelled after only one season! Thankfully it was brought back to life after Hasselhoff himself help fund the next episode – he had a feeling it would be a success, and it was! The show ended in 2001, a reunion show in 2003 and even a spin off movie released over 14 years later.

Now it’s time to grab your towel and head to the beach yourself! Make waves with the Baywatch slot game and be in with a chance to create your own jackpot winning lifeguards.