Successful Student Architectural Developments

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We are all living in a world where everything is achieving advancements and modernity. Art and architecture are no exception to this too. Luckily, universities are now pushing their talented students to focus on revolutionizing architectural developments.

Many of these future-oriented students have been contributing to the architectural world in various ways. Some of them present their innovative ideas in well-built monument models, whereas others publish research papers with modernized architectural solutions. Many others are bringing their innovations to life by working on high-level projects with reputed companies.

Given below are some of the most beautiful architectural ideas by talented students that every architecture student must know of. Such ideas usually inspire students to work on something beneficial and unique too.

However, before you begin with the actual design work, you are required to write a plagiarism-free conceptual paper explaining everything about your project and submit it to your college or university professor. Many students with brilliant ideas fail at this stage because they aren’t good writers and can’t explain their vision to their teachers.

You need to be great at communicating your ideas clearly through writing. This usually comes with a lot of practice and patience. We suggest you read some descriptive perseverance essay examples that can help you understand the basics of good writing and inspire you to be persistent in your efforts so that you don’t let any of your architectural ideas ever go unexecuted. It is better that we get on to some of the most successful architectural projects now that you know the basics of writing well and practicing perseverance.

1.   Café-restaurant to Karhusaari (Anna Suominen)

This aesthetic building project has been developed in 2020 by a student at Aalto University in Finland. The idea is based on bringing ruins and abandoned places into public use by turning them into aesthetic, outdoor cafes.

This project received a positive response because of its realistic approach and its focus on bringing old-school rural charm back to modern-day city life. Anna worked on an abandoned green-house in Finland and turned it into a beautiful and simple café, all made of red bricks. The building has a garden-like space at its back, making it even more environment-friendly.

2.   Thermo House (Emmy Chen)

Imagine living in a very cold region of the world. You’d want your house to stay well-heated and warm throughout. Thanks to Emmy Chen! This brilliant student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, New York, has successfully designed one such place that stays warm all the time.

Her architectural innovation fixes the living spaces of a house in giant, globe-like balls that hold the house’s pieces tightly in place. The rooms inside each globe have a tiny surface area to volume proportion. Even when not easily understandable, such architecture doesn’t allow the heat to dissipate and keeps the living spaces thoroughly insulted.

Emmy’s project is focused on mixing smart architecture with eco-geography to promote comfortable living without harming the environment. The young designer received world-wide recognition for her innovative thinking as her design is expected to be enforced practically in colder regions soon.

3.   The Intelligent Ruin (Bjorn Swedjemark, Josef Mair, and Zamarajev Fischer)

These three students have designed a great project during their Architectural Education degree at Technical University Munich. Their idea envisions an intelligent and futuristic building design in which there is more than enough capacity already kept for future alteration at the time of a building’s first-ever construction.

If followed, such an idea will lower the costs of rebuilt and make renovations way easier than before. This idea has been appreciated a lot and would soon be practically applied, thus changing the way building are constructed all over.



Many exceptional architectural developments are going on in the world. As a student, you must stay updated with all such innovations so that you can play your part in the architectural advancement too.