Team Building Ideas for any type of Business

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It doesn’t matter whether you are running a small business or a large corporation in the UK, team building has proven to be an effective tool for those looking to grow their business and achieve their goals. The list of benefits of team building is very long – from improving leadership skills and morale to defining goals and objectives. This is something that every experienced business person knows. But, many business persons don’t have a clue about the best team building activities. In this article, we will share a few team building ideas that have proven to be helpful for any type of business.

1. Escape rooms

Visiting an escape room promises an exciting and fun experience. Keep in mind that we are talking about reality games where participants have a chance to share their emotions and thoughts and showcase their problem-solving skills. But, what is even more important is that your team of employees will get a chance to work together on something fun. In this way, you can get your employees out of the office and support cooperation and critical thinking. Look for some of the many attractive Escape Room London options.

2. Sports activities

There are many people who think that sport is an activity that can help only the physical health of participants, but they are wrong. Of course, in order to get the most from a team building activity like this, you will have to choose the right sport. You will make the teams (at least two of them) compete against each other.  It doesn’t have to be a classic sport – you can create an event similar to X-factor or something like that. Make them complete different tasks in order to keep them engaged. Needless to say, in this way, they will improve their physical health too.

3. Take a field trip

There are situations when taking a field trip is a good option. This is especially true when the team is relatively new because a field trip will make them get to know each other. The good thing about a trip like this is that there is no formal plan. Everything involved in this process is spontaneous and stress-free. By learning more about each other, your team members should develop a closer relationship with each other which will ultimately result in improved productivity.

4. Office trivia

Create 20 to 30 trivia questions related to your workplace. You can use questions like “how many people are there on our team”, “how many doors are there in our office” etc. Use this activity to check how observant your employees are and to encourage team bonding.


Don’t forget that these are just some of the many team building ideas that can bring benefits to your business. When choosing the right business team building activity, make sure that every team member feels comfortable and safe. Practice more than one activity both onsite and offsite in order to maximize the effects.