The most valuable examples of gambling in pop culture

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Nowadays gambling became a very popular hobby and a way to fill pockets with money for many people. Casino atmosphere often is being mentioned in different games, movies, books, and other types of art. But many people don’t know, that gambling has a very long and inspiring story of popularity. Back then it was completely different from what we have now, and sadly, we can’t experience it anymore. But, you could check out the newest games on non uk casinos
to become familiar at least with modern gambling.

In this article, we’ll be talking about the most influencing examples of gambling in pop culture, that made it so popular among people from different corners of the planet. We’ll mention the most popular books, movies, and even computer games, so you could examine them if you are interested in everything, related to gambling.

Gambling in books

Many writers were inspired by gambling since the moment this sphere started to develop. This mysterious sphere, which gives players thrilling and exciting emotions couldn’t leave them indifferent. Some writers were describing this special gambling atmosphere with great wonder, letting their heroes enjoy this rich and happy way of entertainment. Other ones were writing about gambling as a type of addiction, so their main hero step by step became addicted to these colorful games and stopped seeing interest in real life.

From the most interesting works about gambling, we could separate:

  • Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s short novel “The Gambler, that tells us a story about a reckless young man, who has a lot of money and decide to try up his luck, starting to make huge bets in the casino. What happened next you could find out, reading this novel, cause we don’t want you to see any spoiler before you read the book;
  • Loser Takes All by Graham Greene – is a novel, where all story happens in Monte Carlo with the special atmosphere of this place. You could know what’s meant by the name after reading the whole version of the novel;
  • Casino Royale by Ian Fleming is an action book, that won’t make you feel bored for sure. You’ll be worried about the main hero from the very beginning and till the end. Also, an interesting fact: it’s the first book, where was mentioned baccarat. There is a theory, that this game became so popular because people were inspired by the author’s novel;
  • The Biggest Game in Town by Al Alvarez is a more serious and deep book, that will make you think about the plot even after the ending of the book. It’s a story of a guy, who became a part of the world of professional poker and all difficulties he had to go through. Here you will see another side of colorful and bright gambling games, that could fascinate you and either disappoint.

Gambling in movies

Gambling in movies is an even more popular phenomenon. There are so many Hollywood movies, that used the casino atmosphere as their background, and many people started to play gambling games exactly after watching those movies. It could be easily explained: people often associate gambling with joy and relaxation, it’s a symbol of a free, rich, and independent world to them and it’s always a pleasure to feel yourself a part of it.

From the most popular movies about casinos, we could mention:

  • James Bond. It’s a movie, familiar to all generations and every person at least once in his life have seen or at least heard about this movie. Brutal spy is coming through an endless row of adventures, surrounded by beautiful ladies and an endless quantity of money for his service. Casino topics were mentioned in a couple of movies about James Bond, and it only made his character even more complete and showed to the people how much relaxation they could get in the casino.
  • Ocean’s Eleven – another movie about brutal men, who used to take the best from life, so they’re surrounded by money, beautiful ladies, and thrilling adventures. An action of the movie is happening in Las Vegas, so of course, it would be a huge mistake not to show those unbelievably beautiful casinos that are placed there.
  • The gambling topic is also mentioned in one episode of the show Friends and The Simpsons, and it only shows how truly popular this sphere is.

Gambling in computer games

Thinking about gambling in computer games – we could name the first game that came into mind, and it’s Fallout New Vegas. The whole story is based on the gambling topic, and you’ll find so many different locations, connected with the casino. Moreover, except for money here you could use casino chips.


Gambling has a huge influence on the world, including pop culture. Its brilliant atmosphere is loved by people, that’s why many creators are using the opportunity and bright up their art with gambling topics.

If you are bored and you want to get familiar with something about gambling – you could watch movies, read books, play games that we’ve mentioned before and you surely won’t regret it.