The Technology Behind Online Casinos

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Technology comes from the Greek “tekhnologia”, which means systematic treatment of an art or craft. Nowadays, we equal technology to complex machinery or digital/electronic developments. We can’t imagine our daily lives without technology: computers, smartphones, and of course, the internet.

It’s been a while since casinos tapped into this modern need of ours. Their interface, games, and ways of interaction are evolving at a staggering speed. Catching up with new technologies is a matter of survival in the brutally competitive world of online casinos. In this article, you’ll read about what’s on behind online casinos’ bright and colourful screens.

Different technologies, same needs

Casino technology has evolved in different ways to reach different audiences. Anyway, it doesn’t matter if you’re playing on a PC or your mobile regarding safety. All online casinos are equipped with certified RNG (Random Number Generator) devices to safeguard fairness in playing.

The best RNG devices are certified by Technical System Testing (TST). There are also websites, which offer sports betting and casino online. Fairness and safety are essential features of online casinos, regardless of the interface you’re using.

Here is a shortlist of the main kinds of online casino technologies:

Flash Casinos

Flash or No Download Casinos are those you can play on a web browser, like Chrome or Safari. You can start playing right away, and as long as you have an internet connection, you don’t need a fantastic piece of technology to have fun. It’s as safe as any other licensed casino. A licensed online casino must use Hybrid RSA Encryption, among other safety measures.


Downloaded Softwares

Different from flash casinos, there are those you need to download and install on your computer. Some land-based casinos also invest in software versions of their brands. The competition between software providers is tough, but you can find some of the most accomplished ones at the moment.

Mobile apps

Online casinos and smartphones are made for each other. So, the mobile casino software was a natural development of the computer ones. Those softwares are usually written in HTML5, a common language for online programming, and designed to run on web browsers.

Online live casinos

Online Live Casinos are the latest developments in online casino gaming. It gets as close as possible to the “brick-and-mortar” experience, with cameras and live dealers as people look for the best online casino. A device called “Game Control Unit” enables live dealers to see what’s happening on the players’ tables.

Playing in Portugal

Until 2011, online gambling wasn’t regulated in Portugal. The Portuguese Decree Law 114/2011 still didn’t mention gaming, and only in 2013, its legal framework started to be designed. In 2017, it was in full swing. Now, Portugal has a lively gambling scene, both land-based and online. Even bitcoin casinos are just a google away from Portuguese players. Bitcoin is a world on its own, so it’s advisable to read about it if you’re not yet familiar with it.

Taxation on gambling income can be hefty (something between 15% and 30%). But, Portuguese players have nothing to complain about licensing and safety of the online casinos available. Local specialists, such as Martim Nabeiro (view his profile) are always a great source of information, and it’s wise to check what they have to say.


Online gambling is now fully regulated in Portugal. So, Portuguese players can enjoy the same facilities of the best casinos out there, as most Europeans do. As computer science, programming and hardware evolve, so do the best casinos. Cutting-edge technology involving graphics and sounds turn the online experience more interactive than ever before. Such technology also guarantees the fair play and safety of various payment methods to have a danger-free fun time. The “tekhnologia” of casino gambling has improved a lot!