Top Netflix Shows to Watch with Your Soulmate

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Movie nights require great company, perhaps a tasty meal, and definitely the right flick for the occasion. Romance movies are usually on top of the list, but a little action and drama can also help break the ice. If you happen to have found a new mate online, perhaps in your neighborhood or through a mutual friend, it’s time to cozy up with a top-rated movie.

Netflix offers a few cool movies that are bound to be great conversation starters. These flicks are also cool enough for any gal, or boy, to enjoy them more than once. Check out these top 5 Netflix shows to keep your partner indoors, right where you need them.

  • Dear White People 

A film about black students letting Caucasians know how they feel about this, and the other is a must-watch for any African-American movie buff. Starring Deron Horton and Logan Browning, it centers on a few students in an Ivy League school, working their way around stereotypes in a hilarious manner. The flick is now in its fourth season, so if you haven’t seen it already, you and your soulmate have plenty of time to catch up.

  • When They See Us

Perfect movie for an African-American experience, especially seeing as the world is increasingly becoming racially divided. The movie follows Asante Blackk, Jharrell Jerome, and an African American ensemble as they fight for their rights after being wrongfully accused of crimes they didn’t commit. The movie is based on true events that took place in 1989 (Central Park, Jogger). It is a better way to experience one’s history than to watch a movie while cozying up together!

  • The Death and Life of Marsha P Johnson

Based on a true story, it brings together issues of race and sexual liberation. Marsha fought her way through the Stonewall riots in the late nineteen sixties, but little is known of her untimely and unsolved death. After passing on in 1992, little has been done to solve the case. Was it murder? Foul play? Suicide or other? Grab a cappuccino or two and follow this heartwarming tale with your beau. It makes for intimate nights away from clubbing and bars.

  • Becoming 

This documentary has brought joy into the lives and continues to do so. It’s based on the novel, written by former First Lady Michelle Obama, of the same name. The film centers on her life before becoming the first lady, as she grew up and navigated her way through Chicago. Anyone interested to know how the land of opportunities works miracles for all races should watch this movie. It may provide some insight into motivational factors in your relationship.

  • Green Leaf 

This movie will have you lost for words as it captures the goings-on of today’s world through the eyes of a church family. Dive into this flick and experience family dysfunctionality, adultery, murder, deceit, corruption, and more, all centering a famous church family. Merle Dandridge stars as Grace, who, after 20 years away, returns home to fix a few things. It turns out not everyone is ready for her as they fix to destroy her and the Greenleaf family as a whole.


While planning a fun afternoon or evening away from the hustle and bustle of the city, consider movie-watching with your bae. The users from know more than anyone else how to choose the best TV-shows. Consider the flicks mentioned above as a stay-at-home option, not a theatre choice. Grab some popcorn, sodas, and perhaps a pizza and Netflix and chill with your soulmate while delving into African-American culture.