Top Upcoming Movies in 2020

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2020 will kick start a new decade with an incredible collection of movies like Bad Boys, Legally Blind, Sonic the Hedgehogandthe Jungle Cruise. Most of these films have been in the works for years, which explains why everyone thinks 2020 will be an excellent year for movies. While there are dozens of movies coming out, below are ten of the best films to watch out for.

 Bad Boys for Life (January 17)

Although Bad Boys and Bad Boys didn’t live up to the expectations of critics, they have a special place in the hearts of many action movie fans. Bad Boys for Life reunites Martin Lawrence with Will Smith while they are at different stages of life.

Marcus Burnett (Lawrence) is an ageing inspector while Mike Lowrey (Smith) is a lieutenant heading a department full of millennials. The pair reunites to take down a Romanian mob leader who is hell-bent on avenging his brother, killed by Mile and Marcus back in the day.

Sonic the Hedgehog (February 14)

After drawing anger from fans of the original video game, producers cancelled the 2019 release date to update the appearance of Sonic. Fans were pleased and even showed approval of Jim Carrey as the rival, so we all hope it will be an excellent flick.

Ben Schwartz (Jean from Parks and recreation) offered his voice for Sonic while James Marsden, TikaSumpter and Adam Pally will also have significant roles. The animated film takes inspiration from the classic video game of the same name, with Sonic having supersonic speeds both scientists and the governments want to get hold of.

No Time to Die (April 8)

If the rumours are true, No Time to Die will be the final Bond film featuring Daniel Craig as agent 007. Cary Fukunaga returns as the film’s director while Rami Malek will be the villain. Lashana Lynch will play a crucial role as a new agent 007 (not James Bond) while Lea Seydoux will play Dr Madeleine, Swann, Bond’s love interest.

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Back to Bond, it will be interesting to see what executive producer Barbara Broccoli and her team delivers in the fifth flick starring Daniel Craig. The film’s trailer gave us immense hope. But with so many new characters, we hope the film will be significantly better.

Black Widow (May 1)

Black Widow will be Marvel’s first film of 2020. In the flick, Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanofffaces a new, yet to be revealed, challenge following the events of Captain America: Civil War. Johansson will be joined by David Harbor, Florence Pugh, O-T Fagbenie and Rachel Weisz.

Greyhound (May 8)

If you are an avid Tom Hank fan, save the date for his upcoming war film, Greyhound. Set in the early days of the World War II, Greyhound will star Hanks as Ernest Krause, an army commander tasked to oversee the US’ military as they fight off German u-boats fixated on destroying a fleet of merchant ships.

Unlike the hero in C. S. Forester’s The Good Shepherd Book (the book inspired Greyhound); Krause will be a self-doubting indecisive commander. He must battle his inner demons and made quick, rational decisions to lead the allied forces effectively.

The Conjuring: The Devil made me do it (Sep11)

The Conjuring series has been so successful that its upcoming project, the Devil made me do it could quickly become the best horror film of 2020. Of course, we’ll have to wait and see what paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) Warren delivers.

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Free Guy (July 3)

Is there anything Ryan Reynolds can’t do? After playing Dead Pool, Pikachu and a host of other films, he’ll be back as Guy, a non-player character (NPC) in Free City, an open-world video game that combines GTA’s landscape with that of Fortnite.

Free Guy will be an action a comedy. But unlike anything we are used to, it stars an NPC trying to save a video game from being shut down by its programmers. The movie will also feature a trio of famous video gamers/ streamers: Tyler Belvins, ImaneAnys and LannanEacott. Famous YouTuber Sean McLoughlin will also feature.

Wonder Woman 1984 (June 5)

Gal Gadot returns as Wonder Woman to continue her role as an Amazon princess. Chris Pine also returns as Wonder Woman’s love interest, Steve Trevor, despite his apparent death in the original film. Similar to the original, Diana Prince will be tasked with the role of protecting her community against the threats of Cheetah (Kristen Wiig) and Maxwell Lord.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife (July 10)

Fans of the Ghostbusters franchises have until July before Afterlife is out. There’s limited information about what to expect, but it will star McKenna Grace as a young mother, Phoebe, who moves into a haunted house in Summerville, Oklahoma.

A few weeks into the neighbourhood and an earthquake strikes, prompting the new family to wonder whether they are related to the original Ghostbusters’ family.

Mulan (March 27)

Mulan, a live-action film depicting a historical war and adapted from Disney’s animated flick of the same name will finally hit theatres on March 27. It will star a cast of legendary martial arts actors, including Jet Li and Donnie Yen.

Liu Yifei will play the lead role of Hua Mulan, a young girl disguising herself as a boy to represent her sick father. She’s spirited; she’s strong and has what it takes to defend her dad’s honour.