Watch The Crown Season 4 this November

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Photo by Pro Church Media on Unsplash

Enter Princess Diana, played by Elizabeth Debicki. Season 4 of The Crown promises to be the most exciting season yet as we get to delve deep into the life of Princess Diana, and her relationship with Prince Charles as well as the rest of the royal family. This particular story of, dare I say the love triangle, between Camilla, Princess Charles and Princess Diana is one we all know too well but we never get tired of, and Netflix has given us an entire binge-worthy season of this familiar story.

So ahead of the binge session that we all know we will have, let’s have a quick recap of all our burning concerns, and other important details to remember as we prepare to watch this season which drops in the same month as the biggest sale event of the year, Black Friday. If you are going to binge watch, then it’s essential that you have the correct essentials. These include but are not limited to, a comfy couch, pillows and a high definition TV. Fortunately for you, black Friday is around the corner and you can get any of these items from Argos Black Friday deals at a fraction of the cost. So, once the essentials are covered it’s back to the show.

There is going to be a new Margaret in town in season four but we can surely spare some time to acknowledge the powerhouse that has been Princess Margaret. Even though people might like to act as if the royal family consists only of the Queen, Prince Charles, Princess Diana and sometimes Prince Philip, Princess Margaret has given us the finger snapping content we have loved for three seasons now.

Being the younger sister who was never going to experience what it may feel like to be Queen, Princess Margaret can sometimes be in denial of this fact. After the end of yet another relationship, I doubt that we will see Princess Margaret change in her cavalier ways towards everything, much to the dismay of the Queen, in this new season. Like Prince Philip said “Margaret is a nightmare”, and we love that she ruffles the feathers of members of the royal family in her own rebellious and scandalous way.

Yes, we have all been waiting for season 4 because of Princess Diana, and it seems like we will be getting every bit on what her time with the royals was like in this season. Although, her tumultuous relationship with Prince Charles makes it difficult to look forward to as we are immediately reminded of the audacity that was his affair with Camilla. Perhaps we will be reminded of some of the more pleasant parts of the relationship between Princess Charles and Diana; a glimpse into some of their warmer interactions at a time when we were all rooting for them. A big question on everyone’s mind is whether there will be a re-enactment of the famous wedding. A royal wedding especially in the context of the lives of the actual royal family and the people’s princess is always a treat.

We can’t forget the centre of it all, the Queen, who we have seen handle her very many obligations while managing her relationships with Prince Philip and her ceaselessly demanding younger sister. In this new season though we are expected to move into a period of the reign of Margaret Thatcher which means we will get to see the infamously rumoured unpleasant relationship Queen Elizabeth was said to have with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. There is a lot to look forward to with these new characters as well as the characters that we have so far either come to love or hate.