Comedian Greg Davies reveals his favourite TV shows

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The Inbetweeners star Greg Davies releases his first stand-up DVD, Firing Cheeseballs At A Dog, on 14 November.

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One third of Edinburgh Comedy Award-nominated sketch group We Are Klang, Firing Cheeseballs At A Dog is Davies’ Edinburgh Comedy Award-nominated, critically acclaimed, triple extended, 93 date sell-out debut solo show.

We caught up with Greg to find out what he likes to watch to relax between shows…


Favourite TV show to cheer you up:

“The Alan Partridge shorts on the internet at the moment are great. I love them whenever I’m feeling a bit sad.”


Favourite TV show to watch before going to sleep:

Seinfeld, I just feel like part of the gang sitting in their coffee shop with them.”


TV show that reminds you of your childhood:

Mr Benn – it’s amazing, really bad animation. Mr Benn was a business man with a bowler hat and suit. He’d go to a shop and try a different outfit each week and the different outfit would take him somewhere new. The Turkish suit would take him to a Turkish souk, etc.”


TV show that reminds you of being a teenager:

The Young Ones – because I couldn’t believe I was watching it! I’ve never seen anything like it; I thought it was the funniest programme ever. I thought ‘wouldn’t it be incredible earning a living like this, trying to be funny?’.”


Favourite “guilty pleasure” TV show:

Grand Designs – just love it. I even love Kevin McCloud and his overemotional summing-up. On paper I would hate the way he attaches florid language to describe someone’s fucking house, but on TV I love it. Part of me just wants Kevin to fucking hold me.”


TV show that you find most addictive:

30 Rock – I haven’t watched many, so I’ve got five series to plough through. I just watch an episode before lunch or before I go out. I love catching up on a show that you knew nothing about and haven’t seen any of.”


Favourite TV show to watch hungover:

Murder She Wrote – massive crush on Angela Lansbury.”

Axed TV show that you most wish would return:

Gladiators – I want the original line-up to come back for two reasons… 1: I’m pretty sure that now I’m older, Jet and I might get together. 2: It was really unfair that John Fashanu’s catchphrase (Awoooga) never caught on. I want to give him the chance to make it.”