Q&A: ‘Spooks’ writers answer your questions

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Last week we interviewed Spooks writers Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley, who wrote five episodes of the spy drama’s ninth series, which is out now on DVD.

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The pair are currently working on scripts for Series 10, which will air on BBC One later this year. CultBox asked you to send in your questions on Twitter for Sam and Jon and they kindly answered them here…

@jadewhite1 asked: “Will Harry & Ruth finally get together? PLEASE get them together!”

“As fans of the characters and the two ace actors who play them, we want them to get together too! But as writers, we can’t judge it by those standards… we have to work with the team to find the best and most truthful story. Stay tuned, it’s not the end of the road for them yet, not by a long shot.”

@MyLondonDays asked: “Please find an excuse to get Ruth, Harry and the team into evening wear? Time for some James Bond-style glamour methinks.”

“You want it, you got it. Seriously, we’ve got you covered.”

@MrsGilesFarmer asked: “What has happened to Harry’s dog Scarlet? Can they write her into Series 10?”

“We’d love to have her in… we did actually draft a Harry and Scarlet moment, but sadly it’s looking like it won’t make the cut (too many cat people at Kudos). Sorry!”

@NicolaWalkerFan asked: “Purleeeaassse will the Spooks writers find a way to let Ruth Evershed smile!”

“She has a laughing fit in the first episode of Series 10 when Harry gets his foot stuck in a bucket. No – Ruth has suffered hugely in the last two series. That means it’ll be hard to get her smiling frequently in a way that’s truthful. But we’ll do our very best, as Ruth – and Nicola too, probably – need a break from the unceasing torment!”

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