Steven Moffat & Mark Gatiss (‘Sherlock’) interview

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Last summer CultBox visited the Sherlock set in Cardiff during the filming of the second series and chatted with the show’s creators, Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat.

Series 2 of Sherlock concluded last night on BBC One with The Reichenbach Fall.

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Steven and Mark discuss the future of the show after Series 2…

SM: “Well, there were 60 originals! We love doing this, this is brilliant fun so [we’ll keep going] as long as we can keep Benedict and Martin coming back really.”

MG: “Because it’s a magpie approach, it’s not like ‘that’s that done’. I mean, particularly these three are very big stories but because we’re doing bits and piece and obviously creating new stuff, it sort of means the canon is blown…”

SM: “I fondly imagine it’d be nice to stop it for a while and come back and see what they’re like in their 40s or 50s, because normally these two characters are portrayed in their 50s.”

MG: “That’s where they start…”

SM: “So we’re actually at the beginning. It might be interesting in a couple of decades when they come back and [we] see what they’re like.”

Steven and Mark discuss the enduring popularity of the character…

MG: “Well, Doyle was a genius! He was a brilliant, brilliant writer – particularly short story writer.

“They’re incredibly modern stories; almost entirely dialogue at points. You read them in 20 minutes and they’re just wonderful, fresh ideas. It’s the friendship between the two men which has survived and the deductions.”

SM: “But that is true. Oddly enough it isn’t said often enough just how amazing a writer Doyle is. He’s absolutely extraordinary.

“People seem to want to believe he was some old buffer who stumbled over this by accident. He didn’t. All his stuff is superb. The Sherlock Holmes stuff is absolutely amazing. It’s not difficult to see why it’s survived when you read it. It’s so vivid, so clear and so easy to read and that can’t be said of all Victorian literature!”

Steven and Mark discuss the Series 1 cliffhanger…

Steven and Mark discuss the character of Mycroft…

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