‘Banana’ interview: Charlie Covell chats about her episode

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Charlie Covell writes and stars in the sixth episode of E4’s new LGBT drama Banana next week.

Episode 6 airs at 10pm on Thursday 26 February on E4 and Amy (Charlie Covell) has got a date with Kay (T’nia Miller), but in order to find happiness, she must defeat her greatest enemy – her own imagination!

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Charlie Covell chats about Amy’s story…


What attracted you to the project?

“Pretty much everything about it… The fact that it was a show of Russell’s, and that it was being made by RED – I love their stuff.  And that you could write about anything you liked. I think that’s a rare and amazing opportunity for any writer, let alone someone like me who’s just starting out.”


How was it to write an episode, develop your own character and then play her?

“It was ridiculous. Just ridiculous. Brilliant! As I said, I just don’t think that kind of thing happens very often. It was a huge privilege to be working with such a great crew – everyone was incredibly welcoming and friendly.

“Al (the director) is a genius: really calm and chilled out to work with, but with a totally forensic eye for detail. He’s brilliant.  And T’Nia (Charlie’s co-star in the episode) –  what a joy!

“I just felt very lucky: I behaved like I’d won a Blue Peter badge every day. My endless enthusiasm and gratitude probably got quite tedious for everyone else actually…”




Do you like Amy, your character?

“I do like Amy, but she’s based rather closely on me and my own neuroses, so I also find her very frustrating. She’s her own worst enemy, and is fantastic at sabotaging her own happiness and emotional well-being.”


What led you to write about the experiences that Amy deals with in the episode? Was it through a personal experience of your own?

“Yeah – that paranoia, the obsession with keeping everyone safe, flattering yourself that you have some sort of cosmic power to prevent disasters by the power of thought. It’s ridiculous.

“I basically thought it would be fun to write about the mad flights of fancy a person can have – actually see them in the episode – and then be back to their real life and see that nothing’s happened. But the fear’s still there. Nothing’s happened, but the fear remains. Because when it’s in your head, that stuff is genuinely terrifying – it’s horrible and crippling if you can’t get a grip on it – but it’s actually quite funny to an outside eye.”


Banana 6


What would you like viewers to take away from the episode?

“I’d like it if they could identify with some of Amy’s internal goings-on. And I’d like it if they were a bit invested in the date, in the possible romance… I’d like them to find it funny!”


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