Martin Trenaman (‘PhoneShop’: Series 2) interview

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Comedy series PhoneShop is back for a second series on E4 this autumn, airing at 10pm on Thursdays, starring Martin Trenaman (The Inbetweeners) as Lance.

For those who’ve not seen PhoneShop before, can you describe your character…

“Lance is a man who is too old to be doing that job. He should have moved on but thought phone cards were the way forward. He’s good at selling but not so good at man management.”

What characteristics, if any, do you share with Lance?

“Virtually none, I don’t even look remotely like him.”

Series 1 was very successful, what can we look forward to from your character in the second series?

“Lance is up against the wall as usual, and his wife Shelley is on the warpath again. He wishes he could duck and dive as much as he makes out he can.”

How does the rehearsal process work for PhoneShop? How much influence do you have in what your character does/says?

“Phil Bowker writes the scripts but in the rehearsal the cast do get to have an input with plot ideas and dialogue. But never forget Phil is the boss.”

What have been the funniest moments of filming Series 2?

“If I told you, Phil would drum me out of the cast. I said never forget he’s the boss. And a bloody brilliant one.”

Have you had any unusual fan-mail from fans?

“I have had a few people ask what contracts they should be on, but the large majority are delightful.”

You film on a high street in Sutton, do people think it’s a real shop? What reaction have you had from local shoppers?

“Loads of people think it’s a shop and leave very embarrassed. The locals have been absolutely fantastic.”

Do you know of any famous fans of the series?

“I know Jimmy Carr and Rio Ferdinand love the show.”

Who are your comedy heroes?

“I’m a big fan of this cast to be honest, they are fantastic. Tony Hancock has a special place in my heart and Woody Allen does too.”

What experiences have you had yourself in phone shops?

“It ranges from utterly confusing to incredibly helpful. I’ve just changed my phone at a shop in Richmond and they were really great and also fans of the show, no freebies though.”

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