Mobile gambling overtakes online betting

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More people now use their mobile devices to access the Internet and make purchase decisions than use their desktop or laptop computers. And about 85 percent of all people in advanced nations consult the Internet before making a purchase decision.

That’s a lot of people using their smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices to go online and spend money. As might be expected, the trend to more mobile technology has extended to the online gambling world.

For the first time this year, online casinos might take in more gambling action from bettors using mobile devices than use laptop or desktop computers. And there’s some $100 billion in global online gambling expected this year.

Some of the reasons why mobile has overtaken computers as the favored way to bet and win money online are simple ones. It’s a lot easier to take a smartphone with you wherever you go, and many tablet devices are nearly as portable.

The phones and other devices offer excellent graphics and sound. And cellular technology provides exceptional support in many locations, and continues to grow.

That makes it very easy for someone to simply download a free gambling app, load it, and start wagering and winning cash virtually anywhere online gambling is legal. You also need a good cellular or Wi-Fi signal to gamble with mobile devices, but those are becoming even more pervasive.

Many car makers now include Wi-Fi hotspots as part of their standard package on current-production cars. That means you could gamble virtually anywhere with your car — and the approval of your local government.

The online gambling industry and, by extension, the mobile gambling industry has grown by 11 percent per year since 2013. That growth is to continue through 2020, and could accelerate if the United States makes online gambling legal in locations other than Nevada and Atlantic City.

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The online and mobile gaming industry is highly competitive. To get you to try new casinos or return to old ones, you often will receive offers for free wagers, free credits and deposit bonuses.

That makes it possible to play risk-free for real money, and you get to keep whatever you win.

Some restrictions might apply, but with your smartphone and the desire, you could wager and win nearly anywhere.