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Bridgerton season 3 set to break records

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Bridgerton season 3 has stormed the Netflix Top 10 in its first few days of release — what next?

If (like some of us at CultBox Towers) you’ve already seen that carriage scene in Bridgerton season 3, it turns out you aren’t alone. The Netflix English language TV audience figures for May 13-19 show the first four episodes (more to come soon) are #1 in the chart. Resoundingly so. And season 4 (part I) isn’t alone; take a look:

Netflix Top 10 English TV 13-19 May 2024
Netflix Top 10 English TV 13-19 May 2024

Last week’s numbers showed a reappearance for both seasons 1 and 2, and the halo effect has continued. As an aside, intriguing Irish series Bodkin starring Siobhán Cullen is doing well, whereas Neil Gaiman’s Dead Boy Detectives has already dropped out after only three weeks in the chart. Fans of the show should be concerned.

Meanwhile, back to The Ton and Bridgerton season 3.

What can we expect going forward?

With only one data point speculation is on shaky foundations, but it’s fair to say 45 million views is exceptional. You can get a perspective when you look at the all time Top 10 after 91 days (13 weeks) chart:

Netflix all time Top 10 English TV after 91 days
Netflix all time Top 10 English TV after 91 days

Now we’ll speculate. We haven’t had part II of season 4, this might easily add another 45 million views, so with 90 million views, The Witcher fades from the chart. A show generally improves on week 2. If repeated, the total figure for Bridgerton season 3 could easily top 180 million. It seems ridiculous, perhaps, but by the end of June this season could already be the second most popular show ever on Netflix, pushing Stranger Things season 4 into third. Could it even challenge Wednesday for the top spot?

We don’t have access to the total series numbers except as they make this chart, but we won’t be surprised were the three seasons combined to match the total ever audience for all seasons of Stranger Things. We’ll keep you posted as numbers become available. Until then we’ll make do with reading Lady Whistledown.