Watch a clip from Quacks, the new medical sitcom from Rev creator

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Our first proper look at Quacks has landed online and, from the looks of things, it’s going to be something like the splattery hospital period piece The Knick – but with gags in place of gagging.

Or maybe, and ideally, an abundance of both gags and gagging. You can watch the clip below, and the show will air in full on BBC Two at 10pm on Tuesday 15 August.

One selling point is obvious even before you click play: that’s Rory Kinnear there, in the starring role of Robert, rockstar supersurgeon at the cutting edge (ahem) of his Victorian-era game. You will also want to know that the show was created and written by Rev‘s James Wood. Even after seeming to crash the script for Grand Theft Auto ‘biopic’ The Gamechangers disastrously, Wood remains a truly attractive ingredient.

The cast of Quacks is numerous but includes, to name just a few semi-random folk we’ve really enjoyed in other things, Maggie Service, Amy Marston, Tom Basden, Matthew Baynton and Rupert Everett. There’s real potential for a future cult hit here (*whisper* we’ve had a look, it’s excellent *whisper*). On Tuesday night we’ll start to see if that potential pays off.