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Four shows break a billion minutes in the latest Nielsens

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No doubt driven by holiday viewing, four shows break the billion minutes barrier in the latest Nielsens

The Nielsens for July 4-10 show many Americans marked their independence by watching TV, and four shows broke through the billion minutes barrier (here’s how to envisage that). Last time we suggested:

The Netflix numbers for July 4-10 are dominated by a top 2 of Stranger Things and The Umbrella Academy. We expect Prime Video to have both The Terminal List and The Boys well placed, and Only Murders in the Building to do well for Hulu

We got most of it right! Lets’ dive into those numbers…

The Nielsen numbers for July 4-10

Don’t forget this is US data and a few weeks behind, we add columns marked ‘*.

Rank Streamer Series #Episodes Ep length (mins)* Total Minutes (Millions) Episode Watches*
1 Netflix Stranger Things 34 75 4,803 64,040,000
2 Amazon The Terminal List 8 60 1,560 26,000,000
3 Netflix The Umbrella Academy 30 50 1,279 25,580,000
4 Amazon The Boys 24 60 1,086 18,100,000
5 Netflix Peaky Blinders 36 60 379 6,316,667
6 Netflix Ozark 44 60 335 5,583,333
7 Disney+ Ms. Marvel 5 47 295 6,276,596
8 Netflix The Upshaws 18 27 289 10,703,704
9 Netflix The Lincoln Lawyer 10 50 279 9,300,000
10 Hulu Only Murders In The Building 12 35 256 7,314,286

Four shows break a billion minutes

It’s a big week for Stranger Things, The Terminal List, The Umbrella Academy and The Boys. Of course, the upside down world of the 80s pulled in more audience around the finale than the other three shows put together, but they are all to be applauded. We’re very pleased to see Amazon Prime Video have two shows in the chart, and The Boys in particular is a Cultbox favourite.

What else happened?

Ms Marvel character posters - Kamala crop
Ms Marvel

A good week for Peaky Blinders, and Ozark rising in the chart even with slightly lower audience than last time. The Upshaws fell back, it’s a return for The Lincoln Lawyer, but a surprise big drop for another favourite, Only Murders in the Building. Well done Ms Marvel for coming back into the chart as well.

What are we looking out for next time?

The Netflix data for July 11-17 suggests another strong week for Stranger Things, with The Umbrella Academy still falling. We expect both The Terminal List and The Boys near the top of the table, and wonder if Ms Marvel will continue her revival. Peaky Blinders and Ozark should both drift down, but whatever happens, we’ll bring our unique take next time.