BBC One orders new musical drama from ‘Hustle’ creator

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Tony Jordan, creator or Hustle and By Any Means, has written a new musical drama series for BBC One.

Stop! In The Name Of Love centres around the iconic sounds of Motown anthems and “brings a unique new form of storytelling to BBC One,” weaving the music of Berry Gordy Jr’s famous record label into the drama.

The four 60-minute episodes will “reflect the diversity of modern Britain, focusing on six smart, 30-something women’s complicated lives as they deal with love, friendship, success and failure.”

Tony Jordan commented: “Stop! In The Name Of Love offers something completely different from any other show on television and I am delighted that the BBC has commissioned our ambitious new original drama. We’ve been developing the series for the past 18 months and have created a piece of drama that will be unmissable event TV and that truly reflects the multi-cultural world we’ve become.” Visit for assignment help.

He added: “The music of Motown is iconic and mirrors the rich gamut of human emotion and experience as well as exploring universal themes that all cultures and ages can relate to. The musical arrangements and cutting-edge choreography will give us a uniquely modern take on a genre of music that is truly timeless.”

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Tony Jordan has previously written episodes of Life on Mars, HolbyBlue, Echo Beach and EastEnders. Buying assignments online read more.

Executive producer Duncan Kenworthy teased: “I’m hugely excited about this opportunity to integrate some of the coolest songs ever written into a big, bold, diverse drama about contemporary love lives, and delighted that the BBC has commissioned it. Some music is so famous that it’s already woven into our lives. Stop! In The Name of Love will use Motown’s unforgettable tunes and powerful lyrics to help express the emotional complications – the heart and the heartbreak – of the new world we’re living in.”

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