Fifteenth Doctor’s sonic screwdriver unveiled

Fifteenth Doctor actor Ncuti introduced his Doctor Who character’s sonic screwdriver in a new video. Powered by a purple crystal, the new device not only opens doors but can also provide light, has multiple lenses and has a port to connect to other technology. The sonic also has a message in Galifreyan symbols which are … >

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Millie Gibson as Ruby Sunday

Doctor Who companion Ruby Sunday is a musician in a band

In Doctor Who Magazine 598, companion Ruby Sunday, played by Millie Gibson, is revealed to be a musical band member. In an article about The Church on Ruby Road, the music in the Christmas special was described. “We also have Ruby’s band and then a massive musical big band number with music-loving goblins, who really … >

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The TARDIS & The Celestial Toymaker

‘The Celestial Toymaker’ part-missing Doctor Who story to be completed with new animation

The Celestial Toymaker, a Doctor Who story which was lost with the exception of one episode, will soon be released in animated form on DVD and Blu-ray. We had previously announced the rumour regarding this special animated release. The two-disc set contains the third season story as well as special features. This classic series stars … >

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Doctor Who: The Giggle — full cast list

A cast list for the third and final Doctor Who 60th anniversary special, The Giggle, was released in Radio Times Magazine. The giggle of a mysterious puppet is driving the human race insane. The terrifying Toymaker holds the human race in his grasp. When the Doctor discovers the return of his old foe, he is … >

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Doctor Who episode dedicated in memory of Bernard Cribbins

The late Bernard Cribbins made his final screen appearance at the end of the second Doctor Who 60th anniversary special Wild Blue Yonder. A special tribute to him appeared in the end credits of the special. In the making-of special, Doctor Who: Unleashed, Russell T Davies said he was glad to have completed one special … >

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Ruby Sunday’s foundling mystery continues into the 2024 Doctor Who series

Showrunner Russell T Davies explained to SFX Magazine how companion Ruby Sunday’s introduction in the Doctor Who 2023 Christmas special The Church on Ruby Road differs from the interruption of the ordinary life of companion Rose Tyler in her 2002 introductory episode Rose. “Ruby’s different. It’s the sense of a story interrupted. She has a … >

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