‘Christopher And His Kind’ sex scenes were ‘extremely relaxed’

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Christopher And His Kind explores novelist Christopher Isherwood’s formative years in 1930s Berlin in the run-up to the Second World War and airs at 9.30pm on Saturday on BBC Two.

Speaking about the gay sex scenes in the TV film, director Geoffrey Sax (Doctor Who: ‘The Movie‘, Stormbreaker) told CultBox: “We had a closed set for the sex scenes, just to make it easier for the actors. But to be honest, Matt was so relaxed about it and he knew going in what he was going to have to do, he wasn’t hung up about it at all.”

He continued: “Because he was relaxed, the other guys were – actors always take their lead from the leading player, so they were fine too. There was never any tension. Given what we were doing, I would say it was extremely relaxed.”

Asked if any scenes were left out of the final cut, Sax added: “The only thing… the camera did linger for one fleeting moment on Matt’s bare behind, and we were asked to get rid of that.”