Dawson’s Creek S1-6 coming to All 4

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Even if you were at the optimum age during those hazy days in the ’90s when our lives were ruled by the many romantic comings and goings of Dawson Leery, Pacey Witter and Joey Potter (and of course, Michelle Williams’ Jen), chances are you could use a refresher.

Channel 4 to the rescue! The channel’s streaming service, All 4, is getting in on the nostalgia craze and making all six seasons of Dawson’s Creek available to stream from November.

Even in an age of instant access to our favourite series of the past, Dawson’s Creek has remained elusive particularly in the UK.

Charlie Palmer, managing editor for All 4, said: “Like so many others, I grew up with Dawson’s Creek and can vividly remember sitting down to watch it every Tuesday evening… and, more often than not, again on Sunday morning. Scenes, and the theme tune, are etched in the mind. So we’re delighted to offer fans the chance to indulge themselves all over again, and for a new generation to discover it for the very first time.”

Even if you haven’t seen the show, it’s worth it for the early looks at Williams, Joshua Jackson, Katie Holmes and as-then-undiscovered-comedy-genius James Van Der Beek. And the endless Spielberg references, of course.