Elementary will end with season 7

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CBS has confirmed that that the seventh of Elementary will wrap the show up for good. Starring Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu, this modern version of Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson’s story has sadly reached the end of its lifespan.

The show has a passionate fanbase, but even the most ardent admirers probably saw this coming: Elementary’s sixth season was shorter than average, and the announcement of this seventh run came as something of a surprise. But still, it will be nice for the fans that Elementary season 7 can give their beloved characters a proper send-off.

Deadline broke the news that the show won’t be coming back after season 7, sharing this statement from CBS’s Entertainment President, Kelly Kahl:

“A lot of parties came together and talked about their positions on the show — both in terms of business and in terms of creative — and we all decided that this was an opportune time to say goodbye to a show that has been very, very good to us,”

Executive producer Carl Beverly added this:

“Rob [Doherty, creator] set out to tell a story, and it feels like he has accomplished what he had set out to do. The actors, the crew and the cast feel that way, and we feel that. So are grateful and celebrating what we had and looking forward to the future.”

We’ll bring you more news on Elementary‘s final season as we hear it.