How the online casino industry has changed over the past few years

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The online gambling industry has been on the rise for quite some time and its ongoing development is not expected to slow down any time soon.

In the past two decades gambling as a whole has changed in unforeseen and exciting new ways. The move away from traditional brick and mortar casinos into the online sphere marked a decisive moment in this multi-million dollar industry.

The biggest factor that revolutionized the casino industry as a whole was undoubtedly the internet and online technology. The internet completely changed the face of gambling in all aspects.


Mobile Technology

This has probably been the key factor in bringing online gambling into the mainstream.  The ability to play your favorite online casino game at the blink of an eye, wherever and whenever, has been an incredible leap forward.

And it’s not just the widely available and high-speed internet connections that have made the biggest difference, it’s also the modern devices and ever-expanding app stores that are driving this industry forward. Free and money play via mobile devices has basically been doubling year after year. Any reputable online casino now has a mobile version of their site.


Expanded Portfolio of Games

One of the biggest changes to influence this industry is the sheer number of games available to players. Online casinos can offer almost limitless section of games, covering all types of genres and catering to all different tastes and demographics. Added features such as live dealers make the online gambling experience more real than ever

Today, anyone interested in trying their hand at online gambling can find the specific game that sparks their interest. The traditional table games of the past are constantly being revived and replaced by a multitude of newer ideas.


Social Media in Online Gambling

Social media is an inherent part of the 21st century, with most people using some form of social media in their day-to-day life. It is then no surprise that social media is becoming an important mechanism for gambling promotion and gambling-themed gaming. Use of social media, viewing promotions of gambling on social media, playing social casino games and playing practice games are becoming increasingly common phenomena.

The undeniable fact is that over the past few years, the online casino industry has managed to seep into many different areas of our lives. When before gambling was limited to a physical location, now it’s becoming more and more ubiquitous as technology continues to develop and improve.