Iron Fist’s Jessica Henwick: Danny becomes a different character in The Defenders

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If there’s any character who needs The Defenders more than it arguably needs him, it’s Danny Rand aka Iron Fist, whose solo series left a lot of viewers a little cold.

Here to defend him, however, is Jessica Henwick, who plays Colleen Wing on the show. She told CBR: “In Iron Fist, he’s just going through so much that he’s not presenting his best self. It was always a bit of a gender reversal in Iron Fist, in that Danny is kind of the ingenue… and Colleen is the Clint Eastwood, like, ‘I’ve been around too long and I don’t give a shit’.

“She’s jaded and she’s tough and she doesn’t want to let people in. So that was actually part of the appeal to me, that they had had that character swap… his growth on Iron Fist and then certainly going into Defenders… by the end of Defenders, he’s a whole different character!”

It was revealed during San Diego Comic-Con that Danny might not be the only character going through a significant transition, with The Defenders finding Matt Murdock in retirement after the events of Daredevil season two.

“That’s the great thing about us all coming together, is that we really learn from each other,” Jones chimed in. “I think Danny definitely learns from all the other superheroes. One of the things he learns from Luke is how to just actually step down a notch – actually, no, not step down a notch, but how to really understand who he is a little bit better and really take his responsibility a bit more seriously.

“The fact I have this enormous power because I’m head of this company… I can actually use that in a lot more intelligent ways than just flashing some cash around and going and punching stuff.”