Mark Kermode to front new five-part cinema series for BBC4

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We like Mark Kermode, you probably like Mark Kermode too. If you don’t, you should – and you should also be on the look-out for his new five-part TV show later in the spring. 

The oft-acerbic, always insightful film critic – best known for his roles on BBC’s The Culture Show and as half of the Wittertainment, a weekly film show on Radio Five he hosts alongside Simon Mayo – will present BBC4’s Screen Stories, which he has co-written with the equally inimitable genre-film oracle Kim Newman.

Here’s Kermode himself, saying as much in tweet form.

Did we mention we really like Mark Kermode? We did..? Oh well, we do, so you can expect to hear more from us on Screen Stories as soon as we know exactly what he’s going to be up to. We’re not gamblers, but we’d probably put our money on it being five more slices of the anecdote-driven deep-dive film coolness that Kermode and Newman have done so well, so far.

According to Deadline “The show will see Kermode present his own personal guide to cinema, told through some of the most popular film genres, including fantasy, romantic comedies, crime thrillers, horror and more. He will explore the filmmaking techniques and behind-the-scenes secrets of an eclectic selection of films from Hollywood classics to the best of global cinema…”

That’ll do for us.