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‘Misfits’ star: Last ever episode is ‘epic in scale and ambition’

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Series 5 Episode 8 is available to watch right now on 4OD and airs at 10pm on Wednesday 11 December on E4.

Stokoe, who plays Alex, teased: “Without people knowing it, every single series of Misfits has been building to this conclusion. Everything clicks into place. And within this self-contained season we’ve just made, from the very first frame you can tell there’s something coming. And there are little hints to what that is dropped through the season … the pay-off is going to be absolutely brilliant.”

He added: “The final scene wouldn’t be out of place in a multiplex cinema, it’s that epic in scale and ambition. It’s so different to what people are used to. Misfits has always been about normal people with questionable morals and crap powers. But this is like ‘What happens if you now promote these characters into the realms of real superheroes. How will they fare with that?’ It’s bigger than anybody could anticipate.”

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