Ranking all the actors who played James Bond: From worst to best

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Throughout the course of the spectacular 007 movie franchise, there have been six actors who have played the dashing spy James Bond.

Ever since Sean Connery stepped onto our screen with his good looks, roguish charm and captivating presence, the role of James Bond has been a much talked-about affair. Since Connery’s stint as the suave superspy, several other actors have succeeded him, each with their own blend of charisma and star quality.

The 007 series has become one of the most renowned and beloved movie franchises over the years, with the biggest topic being who will be next to step into James Bond’s swanky shoes. Even online casinos offering sports and novelty betting feature odds on who they think will likely take over the iconic role.

With rumours swirling around that current James Bond Daniel Craig might accept a $150 million deal to reprise the role for the final time, we look at all the talented actors who have been charming ladies and saving the world over the past 50 plus years.


George Lazenby

George Lazenby was given one shot at James Bond before calling it a day after 1969’s On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. While many fans often disregard Lazenby as being a true 007, his efforts have paid off, with many critics applauding the actor for bringing a more personal story and depth to the character.


Timothy Dalton

Timothy Dalton followed the beloved Roger Moore after his seven-year stint as James Bond. Dalton made his debut in The Living Daylights, which marked a creative shift for the franchise by becoming less tongue-in-cheek than its predecessors. While the movie was a critical and commercial success, many fans felt the actor didn’t really capture the character as much as Sean Connery and Roger Moore. Dalton’s second Bond film, 1989’s License to Kill, would prove to be his last in the role.


Roger Moore

Roger Moore offered a more playful, goofy version of the spy than Connery’s intense and serious adaptation. While many fans didn’t enjoy, this take on the character, Moore did play James Bond more times than any actor in history so far, so that says a lot. His more light-hearted approach gave the series a refreshing boost and helped maintain its longevity after the loss of Connery.


Pierce Brosnan

Pierce Brosnan took over the role after the franchise took a 6-year hiatus following Timothy Dalton’s stint as the spy. Brosnan brought a sense of sophistication and danger to the role while still oozing sex appeal. Brosnan was in consideration for the role for many years but couldn’t accept due to other commitments. But the actor seemed destined for the role and his characterisation proved to be worth the wait as he is now considered to be one of the greatest Bonds of all time.


Daniel Craig

Producers were looking for a complete series reboot after the underwhelming Die Another Day in 2002. The entire franchise was spun on its head and went back to the beginning, telling the story of Bond’s first mission as 007 with Daniel Craig in the driver’s seat. The actor seemed perfectly cast for the more serious and visceral character we saw on screen in Casino Royale, re-inventing the entire franchise for a new generation.


Sean Connery

While many actors have charmed their way into the hearts of James Bond fans over the years, none has embodied the role quite like the original star – Sean Connery. With his effortless charm and intense acting abilities, Connery has become iconic in his role and truly defined the character and the entire franchise, making his performance the best James Bond in the eyes of many fans throughout the world.