James Bond box office No Time To Die

James Bond box office — so far, so good for No Time To Die

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It’s not yet released worldwide, but it seems the international James Bond box office takings are looking good for Daniel Craig’s final outing No Time To Die

Several sources, including Variety, are reporting strong numbers for the latest James Bond. It seems the past four days have yielded $119 million across 54 market (we’d really like to see the UK figures). Not only did the film cost around $250 million, but the Variety piece reminds us of the estimated $100 million marking spend.

It seems the figures are all the more remarkable given China is not included. Remaining release dates include:

France (October 6)

Russia (October 7)

North America (October 8)

China (October 29)

It’s no surprise a British spy film might launch later in France and Russia, and we expect a lot of scrutiny on the numbers over the next few weeks. We rather enjoyed the film (see our review) and did consider whether this would be enough to reinvigorate the big-screen experience post-pandemic. As we said, it needs more than just one big James Bond box office bonanza, and the real test is how numbers improve across the board.

Caution aside, we see every reason for a degree of optimism, and with Dune arriving in a few weeks, the pre-Christmas audience figures will be worth watching.