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Lost in Space takes the honours in the latest Nielsens

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There’s a new #1 in the latest Nielsens — the third, and final season of Lost in Space

Only a few days ago we were looking at the tussle between True Story and Hawkeye and now there’s a newcomer, outrageously taking the top position with almost twice the audience view of its nearest rival. Attention Will Robinson! Lost in Space is back. Of course we look a little deeper, and while we point out the accuracy of our prediction (in terms of shows, if not audience sizes), we also look at everything else that’s going on.

The data appeared for New Years Eve, and it’s taken out team a few days to wash coal dust off their hands, and carry out their usual detailed analysis. Here goes…

The Nielsen data

We’re talking the week November 29 – December 5, US data only and we add the columns marked ‘*’ to the published data.

Rank Streamer Series #Episodes Ep length (mins)* Total Minutes (Millions) Episode Watches*
1 Netflix Lost In Space 28 55 1,207 21,945,455
2 Netflix True Story 7 35 607 17,342,857
3 Disney+ Hawkeye 3 50 560 11,200,000
4 Amazon The Wheel Of Time 5 60 537 8,950,000
5 Netflix Selling Sunset 34 35 440 12,571,429
6 Netflix The Great British Baking Show 75 75 426 5,680,000
7 Disney+ The Beatles: Get Back 3 160 408 2,550,000
8 Netflix The Queen Of Flow 89 45 377 8,377,778
9 Netflix School Of Chocolate 7 37 376 10,162,162
10 Netflix Money Heist 46 50 374 7,480,000

Lost in Space is the #1 show

With just over 1.2 billion minutes, Lost in Space is the clear winner. If you look at the Netflix Top 10 site for the same week, you’ll see around 30% of this audience was actually watching season 1 (and no, we can’t make the Netflix hours equal the Nielsen minutes either!) The same site tells us season 3 was in the top 10 in 85 countries, with season 1 making the top 10 in 43. Impressive stuff.

What else happened?

If you compare to the previous week (the link is at the top), the rest of the chart shuffled down (mostly) with very few new shows, barring new cooking show School of Chocolate and Money Heist sneaking in. Apart from the top of the table, numbers are nothing special, and we expect them to be dwarfed by the holiday data when it arrives in a few weeks time.

What’s can we expect next?

The Expanse season 6 is coming

Obviously Lost in Space will do well, and Netlix own data for that period shows all three seasons in the top 10, as well as Titans and Camp Cretaceous. There was also a decent showing for The Witcher season 1, ahead of the release of season 2 (which should dominate). It’s also the release of the first of the final season of The Expanse on Amazon Prime, so a lot to look forward to. As ever we’ll bring our unique insight.