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Sherlock: Steven Moffat on the moment that didn’t work

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As part of his appearance at San Diego Comic-Con over this weekend, Steven Moffat has firstly been on Sherlock duties (his Doctor Who panel takes place on Sunday). And in a new chat with Entertainment Weekly, he’s revealed a chance he’d make to an earlier episode, of a moment that didn’t work in the show.

“There’s an element in The Blind Banker which worked brilliantly at the time”, Moffat said.

“Steve Thompson, who wrote that one, came up with the idea of the code — a cipher — was a book that everybody owns, the London A-Z”.

“At that time it was absolutely true that everyone in London owned an A-Z. A very small number of years later, absolutely nobody owns an A-Z. It’s all on their iPhone. So that doesn’t work. That’s our updated version, our updated Sherlock Holmes, becoming a period piece before our eyes”, he said.

He remains pretty certain that more Sherlock lies ahead too, adding that “I kind of assume at some point we’ll reassemble”.

The full piece with EW can be found here.