Australian teen drama ‘Nowhere Boys’ to air on CBBC

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Australian supernatural action-adventure series Nowhere Boys will begin airing in the UK on CBBC next month.

The mystery drama sees four teenage boys – Jake (Joel Lok), Felix (Dougie Baldwin), Jake (Matt Testro) and Sam (Rahart Sadiqzai) – find themselves lost in a forest. When they return home, they discover that they’re in an alternate world identical to theirs, except for one startling difference – they were never born.

The 13-part series starts on CBBC on Monday 1 September, with the second episode airing on Tuesday 2 September.

Watch the trailer…

In the opening episode, the four boys are unwillingly grouped together for a school orienteering exercise in the outskirts of their hometown, Bremin. Halfway through the orienteering course they decide to take a short-cut which very quickly gets them lost and stuck in a freak lightning storm.

After surviving the night, the boys expect a heroic reception when they return home. Instead they discover that they are now total strangers to their friends and families. Has something happened to Bremin while the boys were lost in the forest? Or has something happened to the boys?

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