CBeebies confirms ‘The Clangers’ return date

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Mother, Major, Tiny, Small and Granny are back next month as The Clangers return.

Narrated by Michael Palin, 52 new stop-motion animated episodes will air on weekdays from Monday 15 June on CBeebies.

Palin commened last year: “The world of the Clangers is delightful and irresistible. It’s a real pleasure and a great privilege to be a part of its return to television.”

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Each 11-minute episode will centre on members of the Clanger family either solving a problem, making a discovery, inventing something or greeting a new visitor to their small, blue planet.

In the first episode, ‘The Lost Notes’, the Music Tree notes for Tiny Clanger’s marvellous new melody are blown away when a big wind blows across the planet. Then Tiny hears Mother Clanger whistling a tune while she gardens. It’s Tiny’s tune – and she heard it coming from high in the sky! On Tuesday a Sky Moo gives Small Clanger a strangely shaped ‘little thing’ made of metal. Small decides to give it to the Iron Chicken for her nest, but as she is flying back down in the Music Boat she sees a ‘big thing’ with a strange piece missing in its side. Reuniting the little thing and the big thing has a very surprising result.

The Clangers originally launched on the BBC in 1969.

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