The Sandman tops the chart

The Sandman tops the Nielsens on the second week of release

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The Sandman tops the Nielsens on but will it ensure renewal? We discuss all the numbers

It failed to conquer the chart on release weekend, but after a full week, The Sandman tops the Nielsen original streaming chart for August 8-14, but Stranger Things gave it a run for its money. Last week we suggested:

The Sandman at #1 with Locke & Key coming in thanks to the release of season 3 (the final season). We’re more confident Virgin River and Stranger Things will have dropped, and we might lose Only Murders as well as The Umbrella Academy

Let’s look at the actual numbers…

The Nielsen US data for August 8-14

We take the source and add the columns marked ‘*’.

Rank Streamer Series #Episodes Ep length (mins)* Total Minutes (Millions) Episode Watches*
1 Netflix The Sandman (2022) 11 50 1,386 27,720,000
2 Netflix Stranger Things 34 75 1,123 14,973,333
3 Netflix Virgin River 42 45 934 20,755,556
4 Netflix Locke & Key 28 40 919 22,975,000
5 Netflix I Just Killed My Dad 3 42 655 15,595,238
6 Netflix Never Have I Ever 30 28 596 21,285,714
7 Hulu Only Murders In The Building 18 60 379 6,316,667
8 Prime Video A League Of Their Own 8 60 326 5,433,333
9 Netflix Instant Dream Home 8 60 322 7,488,372
10 Netflix Trainwreck: Woodstock ’99 3 60 305 6,489,362

The Sandman tops the chart — but is it enough for a renewal?

Gathering more than a billion minutes, The Sandman takes the top spot this week but will the show renew? As of the time of writing we’ve had more data from Netflix (the Nielsens lag) and while good, the numbers week on week aren’t super-stellar. The figure above is only 30% more than the opening weekend, and these are for seven days not three. The show may be a slow grow that hangs in for several weeks, but with the cost of the show a renewal is far from guaranteed.

What else happened?

Locke and Key
Locke & Key

As the Nielsens add up all views of every season (which Netflix don’t in their Top 10), both Stranger Things and Virgin River are still going strong. Locke & Key only managed a debut at #4 for its final season, and the bulk of the rest of the content is either very US focussed (eg A League of Their Own) or documentaries / DIY shows. The exception is our favourite, Only Murders in the Building. The audience is solid and we wish the show well in tonight’s Emmys.

What are we looking out for next time?

The Netflix data for the week 15-21 August suggest The Sandman keeps the top spot, with comedy Never Have I Ever doing well and a newcomer in the form of limited series EchoesLocke & Key, Virgin River and Stranger Things will still appear. Over on Disney+ we’re also looking out for She-Hulk and expect Only Murders to still make an appearance.

Whatever happens, we’ll bring out usual unique insight.