The Winchester Boys are Teaming Up With Mystery Inc

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The CW have had a busy few days releasing teasers for their upcoming Supernatural special episode. Initially we were given photos showing the boys on a cartoon fuelled mission.

The Supernatural powerhouse might be into its 13th season, but clearly has no problem keeping it fresh with novelty one off episodes that have ‘fan favourite’ written all over them.

The CW have now released a teaser trailer for the Scoobynatural episode that airs on 29th March. Check it out below.

The synopsis, pictures and teaser give little away about the episode other than the Winchesters will join forces with Mystery Inc in order to solve a ghostly case. It has also been implied that the episode will stay true to Scooby-doo so fans are expected to view a much more lighter episode than season 13 has presented so far.