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Think With Pinker comes to BBC Radio 4 this November

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New 12-part series Think With Pinker comes to BBC Radio 4 later this year

In a new 12-part Radio 4 series and podcast, Think With Pinker, world–renowned psychologist Professor Steven Pinker examines how we can harness rational thinking to help us see the world more clearly.

The series will explore questions such as: Whether we should trust intuition or algorithms; how the brain tricks us into seeing patterns in randomness; why the desire to win an argument or boost our tribe can be a hindrance; how we might rationally forecast the future; why we worry about the wrong things; what are the taboos that keep our minds from thinking certain thoughts; what we can all do to improve the way we think in our lives, our work, and our politics.

In each episode, Pinker explains a tool of reason, like probability or game theory, and hosts a conversation with a theoretical expert and a real-world practitioner. The areas of life they visit include medicine, finance, sports, government, climate, economics, journalism, and the courtroom. He will be joined by various guests, including Bill Gates, Daniel Kahneman and Hannah Fry.

The series arrives on Radio 4 and BBC Sounds from Tuesday 16 November. You can read more in the press release.