Big Bang Theory to get another geeky guest star

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Fans of US uber-successful sitcom Big Bang Theory are about to see a guest appearance from one of silicon valley’s biggest names.

The Big Bang Theory, whether or not you appreciate its representation of geek culture, has certainly enjoyed a massive amount of success. Indeed, it is still one of the biggest shows on American TV, and attracted its fair share of guest appearances across its run.

Having already played host to sci-fi stars like George Takei, LaVar Burton, James Earl Jones, Katie Sackhoff and Carrie Fisher; popular academics like Bill Nye and Stephen Hawking; Buzz Aldrin and tech giants Elon Musk and Steve Wozniak, its producers must constantly wonder how to top themselves.

Well, it seems they have gone for another legendary silicon valley giant for the show’s next big turn – and when you’ve already hosted The Woz, there’s really only one other living legend you can call, right? Former Microsoft main-man turned super-philanthropist, Bill Gates.

Deadline is reporting that Gates will appear in season 11 of the show some time in mid-March, as part of a story involving Penny (Kaley Cuoco) hosting him at her work – and the lengths the guys in the cast will go to in order to meet him. Hilarity, will no doubt ensue.

In the UK, E4 will begin to air the second half of Big Bang Theory series 11 (beginning with episode 13) from Feb 22nd. The next new episode in the US (s11 e16) is scheduled to air on March 1st.