Discover your fate with ‘The Adjustment Bureau’

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Featuring Oscar winner Matt Damon and Emily Blunt, sci-fi-thriller-romance-drama The Adjustment Bureau races its way onto Blu-ray and DVD next week.

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The film stars Damon as David Norris, an ambitious, well respected politician, on the verge of a landmark change in his life and a seat into the U.S Senate. A chance meeting sees Norris cross paths with Elise Sellas (Blunt), an aspiring contemporary ballet dancer with dreams of making it to the top of her field. Norris has already glimpsed the future Fate has in store for him and realises he wants something very different. To get it he must avoid being intercepted by the agents of The Adjustment Bureau

Ever wondered what fate has in store for you? Here’s your chance to find out. Just follow the instructions below and see your fate unfold before your very eyes…